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5 tips for buying a private jet

Owning a private jet has many advantages – especially for business professionals who travel a lot. As with all larger investments there are a few important things to keep in mind. In this blog post you will get 5 tips from practical experience.

Tip 1: Compare

The acquisition of a private jet might not always be the most optimal solution. On-Demand Charter and frequent flyer programs could be attractive alternatives. Get some expert opinions, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages and then choose the option that suits you best.

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Tip 2: Decide between Fractional and Full Ownership

Once you have decided to purchase a private jet, you get to choose between Fractional and Full Ownership.

The advantage of Fractional Ownership is that you only have to bear part of the initial as well as ongoing costs, because you ”only” buy a specific  share of the jet. However, this also means that you have to coordinate the use of the jet with the other share owners.

If you purchase the private jet all by yourself it is always and solely at your disposal. Furthermore you can customize almost all of the interior design – equipment, shapes, colors and materials – down to the smallest detail according to your preferences and wishes. But… you have to bear the costs in full.

Tip 3: Define your requests

Deciding on a type of jet mainly depends on your demands. For clarity and structure it might be best to write down your wishes, requirements and needs.

There is no need for a complex document but the following questions should be answered:

  1. How often do I fly and what are my destinations?

  2. Are stopovers acceptable during longer flights?

  3. How many passengers will usually accompany me?

  4. How much luggage do I take with me?

  5. What kind of special amenities are important to me? (For example, the possibility to sleep in a real bed or efficient internet on board)

  6. What is my investment budget?

This way, you get a first requirements profile to use on your search for the right type of jet. A business aircraft management company has the knowledge and experience to help you and will gladly advise you, professionally answer all your questions and establish the document for you.

Tip 4: Check your travel habits

Aside from the requirements mentioned above, any of your additional travel habits are equally important. Do you want to rest during the flights? Are you going to work? Do you mostly travel on your own or with company? Is it important to have meeting or sleeping possibilities on board? Do you more often travel on longer or shorter routes? Do you want a galley and therefore meals on board, or are you satisfied with a sandwich, soft drinks and coffee from a pot?

As you can see, the list of requirements can easily be customized. Therefore, you should create this list before you consult an expert, in order to check the feasibility and affordability of your requests.

Tip 5: Choose the right type

If you buy a private jet, you commit yourself to a certain type of jet. Thus you should get to know the different jet types and ask yourself which type suits you best.

Very Light Jets

Very Light Jets offer 4 to 6 passengers an agile alternative for non-stop flights of up to 3 hours. On board, there are beverages, snacks and entertainment media at your disposal.

Light Jets

Light Jets are designed to economically transport 6 to 8 passengers on non-stop flights of up to 4 hours. Aside from beverages, snacks and entertainment media, a private restroom is also part of the equipment.

Super Light Jets

The Super Light Jet is a fast travel option for 6 to 9 passengers for non-stop flights of up to 4.5 hours. Part of the service on board are catering, entertainment media and a private restroom. If requested, a flight attendant will accompany you on your flight.

Midsize Jets

With a Midsize Jet, 7 to 10 passengers travel efficiently on non-stop flights of up to 6.5 hours. The jets offer first class catering, entertainment media, sleeping and meeting possibilities as well as a private rest- and washroom. Furthermore, a flight attendant will accompany you on board by default.

Super Midsize Jets

A Super Midsize Jet offers 8 to 12 passengers a comfortable alternative of non-stop flights of up to 7.5 hours. Due to the gourmet food, entertainment media, sleeping and meeting possibilities as well as a private rest- and washroom, an excellent service is provided. A flight attendant makes sure that you have or get anything you need during the flight.

Heavy Jets

Heavy Jets are the most relaxing solution for 8 to 15 passengers, and they fly non-stop for up to 8.5 hours. Some of the seats can be transformed into beds, which increases the relaxation possibilities on board.

Ultra Long Range Jets

Ultra Long Range Jets offer 10 to 19 passengers a fast and luxurious alternative for intercontinental non-stop flights of up to 13.5 hours. On board, gourmet food, communication and entertainment media, sleeping and meeting possibilities, as well as two private rest- and washrooms are at your disposal. A flight attendant ensures that everything on board is according to your wishes.


Anyone who wants to buy a private jet should in advance be aware of his/her travel needs, the suitable jet type and possible alternatives.

It will surely help a lot if the acquisition process is accompanied by an experienced operator who is well informed in all areas and can extend support through the whole process. He will give you valuable tips, help you with the selection, acquisition and commissioning, the registration of your jet and any other necessary aspect to get “your bird flying”.

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