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6 months Covid-19 … severe turbulence for the aviation industry

On March 16, 2020, a measure unique to our globally positioned society became reality in Switzerland: the national lockdown was put into effect to deal with the threat of Covid-19.

Since then, the world has presented itself in a new light. The Corona virus has reached almost every country in the world, worldwide efforts have been and are being intensified to stop the virus, and all over the planet research and development is being carried out with great intensity …

Due to the current situation, mankind had to accept measures and regulations with serious and partly still unknown consequences for the economy and society.

Effects on aviation

The Corona pandemic has also massively disrupted the aviation industry. The entire industry, which is dependent on a global market and relies on every individual’s freedom, has been stripped of its foundation from one day to the next with the border closures.

And it is not yet foreseeable when the situation for the aviation industry will improve again. Due to the almost daily changing situation, bookings are, if at all, only made at very short notice – a foresighted acting is almost impossible these days. And nobody knows how things will continue. The consequences are the cancellation of certain routes or even the suspension of entire flight operations.

Airlines vs. Business Aviation

Compared to the Airlines, which are tied to fixed destinations and rigid flight schedules, Business Aviation scores with the greatest possible flexibility. Premium Jet AG has therefore succeeded in finding safe, flexible and convenient alternatives for its customers even in this complicated Corona environment – whenever and wherever the law allows. Because our highly motivated flight planning professionals know all about possible special permits as well as potential solutions for risk mitigation. Great attention is paid to the observance of the generally known hygiene regulations and the continuous disinfection of our aircraft.

We are happy to go the «extra mile» for our customers and do our utmost to carry out every flight professionally and reliably for you … 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach us at +41 44 307 50 80 or

In this sense: Stay healthy!

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