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A comparison pays off: Flying first class or with a private jet?

Over and over the question “what is better” comes up: Flying first class or charter a jet. We have previously described that charter flights are also financially attractive. However, how does it compare in detail between first class and private jet flights? We present both possibilities with a view to:

  1. Comfort

  2. Price

  3. Efficiency

Criterion 1: Comfort

First class offers way more amenities than the economy class, but also in the business class. The catering is better with a wider selection, the service is more personalized, politer, the seats are more comfortable and the legroom is larger. You might have heard that some Middle East Carrier even offer separate cabins!

In private jets you will have exactly the level of comfort that you require. If you would like to travel at the least costs on a short route and choose therefore a very light jet, then you travel by comfortably seated. And if you would like to rest in a bed, you can choose a larger jet with seats that can be transformed to comfortable beds.

Also with a view to the service excellence flights in private jets are going some steps further: Catering and service on board are matched perfectly to the needs of you, the passengers.

Privacy is another important criterion. Even if the first class is offering more room, privacy still is only possible to a limited extent. On a private jet you decide on yourself, if passengers at all, how many and who is allowed on board.

Criterion 2: Pricing

The price varies so strong that we cannot provide a general statement here. For first class flights you usually pay a bit less than for a charter flight. Under specific conditions – e.g. for destinations that cannot be reached with large airliner or when multiple destinations at a day are being planned – private jets are the cheaper alternative.

Additionally not only the direct costs are to be considered, aside from your higher expenditure of time, but also the indirect costs for onward transportation and hotel stays and other expenses must be taken into consideration. Apart from that, the most important good – your life time – is priceless.

Criterion 3: Efficiency

With a view to the efficiency, private jet flights clearly win.

Several meetings in one day at several destinations are definitely no problem with a private jet. Moreover, delays and short-term plan changes are possible, without changing flights or having to book additional overnight stays.

On long-haul flights of airlines it is required to be at the departure airport 2 hours before take-off in order to drop and check in the luggage. In turn, you have to wait for your luggage at the destination and stand in the queue at the security check.

The time at the terminal or the check-in can be reduced dramatically by flying with a private jet.

If travelling with a private jet it is completely enough to arrive 15 minutes before, in most cases even less at the departure. It is “your” plane and it waits exclusively for you! And after arrival at the destination the luggage is immediately delivered to you.


Flights in a private jets have strong benefits in efficiency and comfort. The price of a first class flight might be lower than the one of a private jet, but only if just looking at the direct costs the flight is bringing with it. Under other circumstances, when e.g. flying with multiple persons, the private jet might well be the cheaper Solution.

If you add the valuable time that you save when flying on private jets, it qualifies the price advantage of a first class flight to the minimum.

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