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Aircraft Management by Premium Jet

Why should I entrust an external partner with the management of my private jet

Sooner or later, every aircraft owner or person responsible for the operation of an aircraft will probably ask himself this question. Can’t I or can’t my pilots do it all themselves?

Henry Ford once said “Who does one thing best should do the one thing he can do best.” Aircraft Management is a comprehensive service that ensures the safe operation and maintains the value of your aircraft. We therefore believe that the above-mentioned quote from this automotive pioneer is also valid in the aviation industry.

If you own a private jet and entrust Premium Jet with the responsibility for its private or commercial operation, we will make sure that all necessary services are provided at all times, such as

  1. Mission dispatching

  2. Crew control

  3. Maintenance overview and planning

  4. Insurance and fuel management

  5. Chartering your aircraft

  6. Administration, invoice control and bookkeeping.

At Premium Jet, this broad scope of activities is carried out by proven specialists, who all guarantee in their respective areas that the operation of your aircraft is carried out in compliance with the law and, above all, safely.

Our “service packages”, tailored to your needs, range from complete asset management to very special services, just as if we were your internal flight department … or actually as if your pilot did everything himself.

But an experienced private jet operator also has a significant impact on the cost of an aircraft operation. The choice of cost control and appropriate cost savings is therefore very important. This experience and the associated know-how is available at Premium Jet, as every single employee has more than 10 years of business aviation experience. This results in an almost unrivalled network of relationships, which is from A – Z of great benefit to you (financially and operationally) and, last but not least, also extremely helpful in solving any kind of problems.

We would be pleased to deepen this comprehensive topic in a personal discussion with you and look forward to hearing from you.

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