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Aircraft Management “by the hour”

Business jets must comply with extensive and complex regulations and requirements. This also has an impact on their owners. Therefore, most owners commission a professional operator to take responsibility for the private or commercial management of their aircraft.

This aircraft management for a business jet usually works like this: the aircraft owner pays the management company a fixed monthly fee. If the aircraft is additionally chartered to third parties, a percentage share in the charter turnover is added. As the term “fix” says, the payment for aircraft management remains the same every month, regardless of whether the aircraft has flown for 5 or 50 hours in one month.

Every owner of a private aircraft has certainly heard of this classic and widely used model, as well as the fact that there are so-called “tip to tail” maintenance programs for his aircraft. These are offered by the manufacturer of the aircraft, the engines or by third parties and all include a payment “by the hour”, i.e. per flight hour.

Premium Jet now offers such a “by the hour” model new and exclusive for aircraft management.

This innovative and customer-friendly solution offers the owner several interesting aspects:

  1. You pay what you get – instead of a fixed fee per month, which does not take into account how many hours were effectively flown, the number of hours actually flown is used as the basis for calculation.

  2. Simple, manageable and transparent – the price per hour includes all our services, there are no separate payments such as Dispatch Fee, CAMO Fee, etc.

  3. Known system – billing is done in the same way as with the familiar programs for aircraft, engine or APU maintenance insurance.

  4. 100% charter income – 100% of the income generated by chartering the aircraft (without deduction of a commission) is credited to the owner.

The hourly rate is calculated depending on the type of aircraft and the type of operation. And in combination with our proven open book policy, which guarantees that we will operate your jet at no hidden cost or surcharge, it will give you full confidence that Premium Jet will be the right partner at your side.

Other convincing reasons for choosing Premium Jet can be found here.

Contact us at or +41 44 307 50 65 for a tailor-made offer.

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