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Aircraft Management “No-Risk-Model”

Next to the traditional model of aircraft management, Premium Jet offers since a few years as well a solution with a different approach.

We call it the “no risk model” because applying this innovative leasing set-up, our customers don’t have to bear the direct costs and risk associated with operating an aircraft.

Since 2015 Premium Jet is operating the Gulfstream 500 HB-JOE using the “no risk model”.

How does it work and what needs to be considered:

  1. Before the term of the lease starts, the aircraft needs to undergo a thorough technical inspection.

  2. The aircraft needs to be enrolled on all applicable programs (engines, APU, airframe).

  3. As of the effective date of the agreement, Premium Jet becomes fully responsible for all operational fix and variable costs including – Crew salaries – Crew training – Insurance – Payment of maintenance programs – All flight-related costs (Fuel; landing fees; handling, ATC; expenses, etc.)

Premium Jet in return is granted the full and unconditional availability of the aircraft for charter flights. Of course the owner can rent the aircraft back for his flights anytime.

The owner receives from Premium Jet an hourly leasing fee and we are guaranteeing a minimum number of flight hours per year.

The “no risk model” makes aircraft ownership easy. There are only two simple and straightforward calculations to be exchanged between Premium Jet and the owner:

  1. Each quarter the owner receives from Premium Jet an overview over the flight hours occurred and the respective leasing fee gets paid to him.

  2. For all owner flights we’ll establish an invoice detailing the hours flown multiplied by the agreed hourly rate.

Aircraft operation can be so hassle-free. The experts of Premium Jet would be glad to explain you our offer in more detail – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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