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Aircraft Management – The comprehensive aircraft care

The management of a private jet is often understood very differently. At Premium Jet, we see ourselves as a partner of the aircraft owner and as a service provider for all matters relating to aircraft and flying.

In order to offer the Aircraft Management professionally and competent, above all a motivated team with diverse specific expertise is required:

  1. Multilingual, experienced and well-linked dispatchers for 24/7 flight planning, obtaining all necessary permits and organizing hotels, limousines and catering

  2. Crew management for the selection and hiring of pilots and flight attendants assigned to the aircraft, the personnel administration, the coordination of all prescribed trainings and crew planning

  3. Highly qualified maintenance specialists to plan the necessary maintenance on the aircraft, monitor maintenance programs and warranties, provide immediate 24/7 assistance in case of technical problems and control of completed work, always complying with the extensive regulatory requirements

  4. Insurance and fuel management to ensure comprehensive and legally compliant insurance coverage and to evaluate the best fuel prices at all destinations

  5. Accounting and reporting for auditing and payment of all invoices related to the operation of the aircraft and for creating a clear and transparent reporting

Premium Jet combines all this know-how under one roof at Zurich Airport. We are available 24/7 to “our” aircraft owners and plan with pleasure and dedication their travels to well-known, but often largely unknown destinations though out the world.

We have created a short explanatory video, which will give you an even better impression of the manifold tasks in Aircraft Management.

Button - Explainer Video

Enjoy watching!

Of course, we also gladly explain everything to you live and in person. You can reach us 24/7 via +41 44 307 50 70 or via email

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