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Aircraft operators … and the agony of choice …

On October 7, 1963, the 4-seat Learjet 23, developed by William P. Lear, took off from Wichita, USA for its 30-minute maiden flight. The foundation stone for today’s business aviation was laid and exactly one year later Lear was able to deliver the first ready-to-use machine to a customer. It can therefore be assumed that between October 1964 and the beginning of 1965, when the second jet was completed, somewhere in the world someone asked himself for the first time the question who will be the best suited aircraft operator for his private jet. Who do I trust my plane to? Who do I fly from A to B with? What services can I expect?

Questions that are as topical today as they were at the time and which are comparable to the choice of the preferred financial institution. Do I entrust my money to a large, global player or rather to the smaller, discreet private bank with the personal service? Am I particularly interested in the amount of bank charges or do I pay more attention to what services the institute offers me? Do I need the supposed security of a conglomerate of larger companies, or do I expect my private banker to look “beyond the box” and also to be interested in those aspects of my life that have little to nothing to do with money and bank?

Business Aviation – a highly fragmented market

Safety is the top priority in global aviation, but in the niche market of business aviation it is closely followed by the goal of the highest possible discretion. Private jet customers like to stay “below the radar” and it is therefore not surprising that we have always seen a very strong fragmentation in our market (3,342 listed business jets are operated by 813 operators; source: Avinode, October 2020). Every aircraft operator seeks independence so he can retain full control over its highly sensitive customer data. In addition to a few global players, the market is therefore dominated by many smaller and smallest operators, up to the one-man show, in which the pilot also takes over the charter sale and makes the flight plans himself. This fragmentation of the market offers the customer many choices on the one hand, but on the other hand creates a lot of confusion with all the different options.

Recently, we have seen some consolidation in Business Aviation, both in aircraft manufacturers and in operators. With all their efforts to achieve continuous growth, global reach, a diversified fleet and the elimination of inefficiencies, however, these merged companies often fall into the same trap: the consistency and company-owned identity that once distinguished them are lost in trying to turn two unequal halves into a whole! Nevertheless, it can be assumed that in the future there will probably be a few more big players in the business aviation market at the expense of some “little ones”…

Industry crown vs. “small but fine”

But what is the ideal size for an aircraft operator? This question knows no right and no wrong answer, because for one it is – as in the aforementioned choice of the right bank – one of the industry giants, while another one appreciates the independent and personal boutique company, like Premium Jet AG.

With a flat organogram and with all employees under one roof, Premium Jet scores with creativity, speed, flexibility and individuality. Through partnerships (e.g. for fuel purchases or aircraft insurance), we gain the global reach and the power of our “big” competitors, so that our customers can benefit from the advantages of a global aircraft operator as well as from the highly personal, tailor-made boutique service of an independent operator. For more than a decade, we can proudly say that where Premium Jet is on it, Premium Jet is also in it …

We are convinced that with this exclusive positioning and our high quality and professionalism, Premium Jet is the ideal partner for customers who want to be more than just a number in a huge organisation and who expect more than standardized services. We will continue along the path we have taken consistently … durable, familiar, reliable, discreet and exclusive …

Would you like to learn more about Premium Jet? I can be reached at any time by phone +41 44 307 50 99 or by e-mail


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