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Aircraft transactions in times of COVID-19

If complex is becoming even more complex

Buying or selling an aircraft is already a complex process in “normal” times, for which it is strongly recommended to have a specialist at your side in order to efficiently and successfully overcome the numerous hurdles that stand in one’s way. COVID-19 and the associated restrictions and regulations exacerbate the situation even further.


If you are planning an investment of millions, it is obvious that you would like to see the object of this investment with your own eyes. The worldwide travel restrictions make personal visits very difficult, if not impossible. As a partner at your side, we can offer support on various levels: for example, it is possible to organize an inspection via video transmission or we activate our network and instruct a local expert known to us personally to take a close look at the aircraft in question, both technically and aesthetically.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

If purchaser and seller agree on basic topics such as the price, etc., the aircraft will be flown to a suitable facility for the pre-purchase inspection. Earlier, the pilot flying the plane to such a facility simply took the next scheduled flight back home. Nowadays, when determining where such an inspection should take place, it is also important to take into account how easily entry and exit is possible in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and delays.


The further a delivery flight (often called a ferry flight) goes, the more complex the planning and handling of such a flight. Over the past 12 months, Premium Jet has completed transactions involving sellers in Europe and Africa as well as buyers in America and Australia – although it has not always been easy, we have in every case managed to find a solution that has led to complete satisfaction among all parties involved.

With Premium Jet you have the right partner at your side

These 3 examples are only a small sample out of the entire buying and selling process. As mentioned at the beginning, it is worthwhile for every person to approach such an undertaking with the right partner. Premium Jet has the know-how, the network and the experience to be this partner for you. In addition, we guarantee you a personal service, where your contact person will be one of the Managing Partners. Premium Jet is 100% neutral and we will always have only one interest in focus during a transaction – that of our customers!

We would be happy to hear from you. You can reach us either by e-mail to or by phone +41 44 307 50 65.


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