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Another successful EBACE …

Another EBACE, the in the meantime 17th edition, is history. When EBACE first took place in 2001 a mere 3’620 visitors were counted. Seventeen years later more than 400 exhibitors were present in the halls of Palexpo and 56 aircraft were to be seen in the Static Display. No attendee figures have been released by the organizers up to now but traffic on the exhibition floor and outside on the tarmac were observed to be dense. As every year Premium Jet was right in the middle of the action, in a small but very efficient way, being based within the Avinode booth. We met with existing customers, refreshed acquaintances of partners from across the globe, discussed with and offered to an interested party the operation of a Global Express, met people in person we only knew from exchanging e-mails before, collected information only available in this density at EBACE, negotiated contracts or just had a chat with suppliers and of course looked across the fence what the competition is “up to”.

One of the hardest things at every EBACE is to decide, which events, meetings, discussions or advanced trainings to attend and which just don’t fit into ones agenda anymore. One way or the other, only at EBACE one gets to know the newest and latest in our business within three days.

On top we had the pleasure of welcoming prospects wanting to see a specific aircraft and we showed them the aircraft of their interest or presented existing owners the latest enhancements for their aircraft to keep it flying worldwide without any limitations.

In a nutshell: Another successful EBACE, lots of new ideas, quite a few opportunities and ….. meeting people over people over people, “the” reason to be back in 2018.

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