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AOC Austria

For more than 10 years, Premium Jet AG has successfully established itself in the market as a provider of aircraft management, sales and charter services. Over the past few years, however, it has become increasingly clear that concentrating on a single location tends to stand in the way of continuous growth. On several occasions we were in discussion with aircraft owners who preferred to register their aircraft within the EU and also have it operated by an operator based in an EU Member State.

As a result, the management of Premium Jet AG began to consider some time ago potential steps to meet this need.

After careful preparation, the time has now come to put the plans into reality and we have launched the “EU” project.

Selection of the «proper» country

It quickly became clear that our second Air Operator Certificate (AOC; the authorization for the commercial operation of aircraft) is to be established effectively with headquarters in an EU member state. Thus, solutions such as San Marino or the Isle of Man were excluded, with which, as with our Swiss AOC, we were still dependent on “Third Country Operator” status – i.e. not provided with the same rights and obligations as an operator within the EU.

Through intensive research, in-depth analyses and numerous discussions, the selection of alternatives was quickly reduced to 2 favorites. In the end, the choice fell on our neighboring country Austria – where we want to gain a foothold and build up our presence within the EU.

Let’s get started

After the Board of Directors of Premium Jet has also given the greenlight, the first steps towards implementation will take place shortly. Via our blog channel we will keep you informed about the progress of our project. 

If you have any questions or are considering entrusting a personal and fine boutique operator with the management of your business jet, then do not hesitate to contact me. You can reach me by phone +41 44 307 50 65 or by e-mail


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