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Business Jet Charter: advantages of chartering

Flying is the fastest and most comfortable way to travel to a business appointment. Business jet charter offers even more freedom than scheduled flights. In this article, you will learn about the advantages of this form of travel. In addition, we will inform you about Premium Jet AG’s services in this area. 

How flexible is a business jet charter?

Anyone using a scheduled flight must adhere to the airline’s schedule. Sometimes a flight departs early in the morning or arrives late at its destination. This may make it necessary to spend the night in a hotel before or after a business meeting. Because after all, you want to arrive at your business partner’s or customer’s place well-rested, or you don’t want to rush to the airport after the appointment.

With a business jet charter, you have the schedule in your own hands. You charter the aircraft exactly at the time you need it and do not have to make any compromises. Depending on the agreement, the time of the return flight can also be arranged flexibly. So the appointment can also last longer, or there is time for a dinner afterwards.

Individual route planning

Individuelle Streckenplanung

Also the flight route can be planned individually with a business jet charter. Scheduled flights are limited to larger airports. In addition, it can happen that certain destinations are not served from a certain departure airport. Such aspects do not play a role when chartering a business jet.

Instead, you decide on the route yourself. You can also include airports that are too small for scheduled flights. This saves a possible onward journey to the place where the meeting takes place.

It is also not necessary to change planes when chartering. So if two or more scheduled flights have to be booked for certain connections, using a business jet is a significant relief. In addition, several appointments can be made in one day, which is rarely possible with scheduled flights.

How does a Business Jet Charter additionally save time?

If you regularly use scheduled flights, then you know the processes. Check-in, baggage drop, security check, long queues for boarding – the whole process takes quite some time. After landing, you also have to wait for your luggage at your destination.

With a business jet charter, all these time-consuming procedures are eliminated. Instead, you board the plane in a relaxed manner, then you take off without long waiting times. This enormous time saving leaves more time for other activities.

A business jet is simply more comfortable

Der Business Jet ist einfach bequemer

A scheduled flight is shared with dozens of other passengers. If you haven’t booked First Class, you may have to contend with limited legroom. In addition, not every passenger is considerate of fellow passengers. So the noise level on board may be high.

Furthermore, the catering on scheduled flights often leaves much to be desired. And due to the large number of passengers, the service staff can rarely respond to individual requests.

The situation on board of a charter flight is quite different. There you enjoy the peace and privacy of traveling alone. Or there are only people on the plane that you have chosen yourself, such as colleagues or business partners.

On a business jet, you can stretch your legs as you please, and you don’t have to worry about other passengers. Furthermore, the catering on board is based on your preferences – because you have selected the dishes beforehand. And the service staff always has time for you and your requirements.

Many business jets also offer night configurations. This means that there is a certain number of beds on board. So travelers spend a restful night and are fully rested after the trip.

Productivity and privacy

Produktivität und Privatsphäre

The peace and comfort on board a business jet is an excellent way to prepare for a business meeting. You won’t be disturbed by other passengers when reading important documents. If you are traveling with colleagues, it is possible to finalize your meeting strategy.

Not to forget the privacy that one enjoys in a business jet. It is impossible for strangers to take a look at confidential documents. Conversations can also be held without being listened to.

What other advantages does Business Jet Charter offer?

The already mentioned advantages of traveling with a business jet are only the obvious ones. There are a few more in addition. For example, travelers have significantly less stress when they travel on a business jet. This has a positive impact on their performance.

An aspect that is often overlooked when traveling is the personal component. Those who have to attend many business appointments are happy about every minute that remains for family and friends. A business jet charter is much more time efficient compared to a scheduled flight and the faster you get back from a business meeting, the more free time you have afterwards.

How much does chartering a business jet cost?

 How much it costs to charter a business jet depends on numerous factors, including:

  1. Aircraft type

  2. Flight routing

  3. Fees for takeoff and landing

  4. Services like catering

It goes without saying that a business jet charter is more expensive than a round-trip ticket for a scheduled flight. After all, the aforementioned advantages of a business jet have their price. However, it cannot be said in general that a business jet is always more expensive than a trip by scheduled airplane.

Many factors can increase the cost of scheduled flights to a business meeting. For example, a change of planes may be necessary, which doubles the price of the tickets. If it is necessary to arrive the day before or depart the following day, the cost of overnight accommodations must be added. If several people are traveling, this increases the financial expenses accordingly.

Not to be neglected are also the indirect costs. During a long scheduled flight, the passengers cannot work, which is ultimately at the expense of the company. On the business jet, however, they can focus on their work without any major restrictions. So they don’t fall out of work, but can continue to work while on the jet.

Travelling in a business jet motivates employees

The personal component also plays a significant role in the cost of a business jet charter. Employees who constantly have to travel to appointments by scheduled flight are stressed and annoyed. This has a negative impact on their work performance. If, on the other hand, they travel by business jet, they face their work with much more pleasure.

In addition, they tend to be much more willing to go on business trips if they know they will be back home as soon as possible. Business jet charter thus significantly increases employee motivation.

Premium Jet AG: Your partner for Business Jet Charter

Premium Jet AG has specialized in chartering, buying and selling business jets for many years. The three managing directors of the company have decades of experience in the field of business aviation. They use this experience to find the perfect solution for each customer.

Premium Jet AG’s fleet consists of aircraft of the following types:

  1. Bombardier Challenger 300

  2. Bombardier Global Express

  3. Gulfstream G550

Sie stehen für Business Jet Charter zur Verfügung. Darüber hinaus vermitteln wir Flugzeuge jeder Grösse zum Chartern.

Do you have any questions about our scope of services? Please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail. We would also be delighted to welcome you at our offices at Zurich Airport and to discuss with you personally the possibilities that Business Jet Charter offers.


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