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Business Jets: The Pilatus PC-24 presented

The brand new Pilatus PC-24 Jet has been developed by Swiss company Pilatus Aircraft, note well: The world’s leading manufacturer of turbopropeller-driven planes.

The business jet was inspired by its highly successful brother, PC-12, which is on the market since 1991. Following many years of experience, feedback and collaboration with other aviation companies, Pilatus Aircraft decided to build its first business jet, with the trademark Pilatus versatility. The PC-24 thus combines history, experience and precision.

Its aim is to bring together the practical properties of a turboprop aircraft with the cabin size and high performance of a medium-sized business jet – something no other plane offers for the same price or quality.

Flexible and versatile

The PC-24 can use almost every runway and airport around the world. The new main undercarriage enables landings both on surfaced and unsurfaced strips, exponentially increasing its options. As such, the Pilatus aircraft is designed to not only serve purely as a business jet, but, thanks to a quick-change cabin can also be used for rescue flights and transporting cargo and is thus produced with an extra large cabin, well, actually freight door.

On a surfaced runway (at sea level)/ , the aircraft only needs a runway length of 820 meters and 1,350 meters at 5,000 ft or 1’520 meters above sea level. For passengers this means they can land precisely or at least much closer to where they ultimately want to go – without having to unnecessarily rely on additional tedious ground transportation.

Sophisticated interior

Like all Pilatus planes, the PC-24 is also licensed for single-pilot operation, and an innovative glass cockpit with ergonomic, intuitive design was developed in co-operation with Honeywell for this purpose.

Six different interiors are available for the cabin, all of which have been created in a partnership with BMW. The large cargo door allows luggage to be loaded and unloaded faster and more conveniently, saving lots of time on the ground.

Technicaldetails in overviewYear of productionFrom 2017Length16.8 mWingspan17.0 mHeight5.3 mCabin length7.01 mCabin width1.69 mCabinheight1.55 mMaximum take-off weight8,006 kgTank capacity3,363 LEngines2x Williams International FJ44-4AMaximum speed787 km/h at Flight Level 300Climbing timeToFlight Level 450 in 30 min.Rate of climb20.7 m/sCruising range3,610 kmRunway length for take-off820 mRunway length for landing770 mCrew1 or 2PassengersUp to 10


The PC-24 sees Pilatus Aircraft launch a versatile business jet capable of landing and taking off at almost every airport around the world, and on unsurfaced strips. The large cargo door saves time when converting the cabin from passenger to rescue or cargo aircraft and vice versa, as well as when loading and unloading luggage. Because of the innovative cockpit the aircraft is certified for single pilot operations.

All this makes the PC-24 one of the most versatile aircraft due to arrive on the market. The first deliveries are already planned for 2017.

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Photo by Richard Vandervord under CC-BY-SA 4.0 (image down sized)

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