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Buying a private jet: the most important questions and answers

If you travel all over the world frequently, buying a private jet is a very reasonable step. Having your own airplane makes you independent of scheduled flights and thus allows you to plan your activities freely. If you have an appointment, then simply use your private jet for arrival and departure.

We will explain below what other advantages owning your own plane brings.

Buying a private jet not only involves a considerable investment but also a variety of legal requirements. In this post, we provide answers to the most important questions regarding the purchase of a jet. However, it is very important to secure the support of an experienced advisor familiar with regulations and fiscal aspects.

What are the advantages of buying a private jet?

The first obvious advantage of buying a private jet is that you can choose the model yourself. You don’t have to rely on the decision of others, but make your own. In addition, you can design and equip the aircraft as it suits your own imagination.

If you own a private jet, you have access to it at any time. When coordinating appointments, any flight schedule is irrelevant. Instead, one can plan trips as they best fit his or her own calendar.

When is it worthwhile to buy a private jet?

In general, buying a private jet might be worthwhile when you fly approximately 300 hours annually. However there are many factors influencing the aircraft saleis decision. Next to the financial aspects, topics like the number of passengers, travel habits and the most often visited destinations belong to it.

How much does a private jet cost?

This question is as individual as asking what a car costs. Size, equipment, performance, new or used? Everything plays a role. Is it the small and second-hand jet for 1.1 million or the new long range jet for over 50 million? The currently most expensive private aircraft is about US$ 500 million. The sky is the limit!

Maybe you consider chartering your jet to third parties when the aircraft is not in use? We are happy to provide you with a detailed market analysis evaluating the potential of chartering the aircraft out and the expected income versus your operational costs for operation, maintenance, crew and whatever expenses are to be expected.

What are the options for buying a private jet?

When buying a private jet, there are basically two options, namely:

  1. Full ownership

  2. Partial ownership

If someone decides to buy a private jet on his own, he has full control over it. He can have the aircraft equipped as he pleases. In addition, it is available to him around the clock. However, he must pay the full purchase price for it and is also entirely responsible for the running costs of a private jet. These include above all:

  1. Fuel

  2. Fees for take-off and landing (depending on the airport)

  3. Maintenance

  4. Payment and accommodation of the crew

  5. Insurance

If, on the other hand, someone buys a private jet with one or more other people, then he/she shares the costs with them. This applies to the purchase price as well as to the other expenses incurred by owners of private jets. Thus, it is more inexpensive to acquire an aircraft in partial ownership.

However, one of the most important advantages of a private jet is then also eliminated. You are not the only person who has access to the aircraft. Instead, you have to find compromises with the other owner(s). This concerns both the design of the aircraft and its availability. Agreements must be made about who will use the private jet and when.

Instead of buying a private jet, it is of course also possible to rent a private jet. But then there is the risk that none will be available at rush hour. Premium Jet AG manages a the fleet of Premium Jet of privately owned business jets. They have a permanent crew and can be chartered flexibly.

What regulations must I observe?

Before one can buy a private jet, there are numerous things that need to be dealt with. Aircraft search and identification, sales negotiations, technical take-over and aircraft registration are important formalities with many details to consider.

As with almost everything related to your private jet, an experienced operator is a great help to meet and monitor all the regulations on the minefield of paragraphs.

Another challenge are the diverse and increasingly complex tax laws in Europe. Every aircraft that flies into and within the European Union must be imported into the EU, at the owner’s expense. However, together with your operator there are possibilities to legally optimize taxes and fees.

Is it possible to finance the purchase of a private jet?

Yes, it is – and a common procedure for larger jets. There are around a dozen institutes that offer professional aircraft financing, with options that range from customer financing to asset-based financing.

As your operator we are more than happy to help with useful information and leads.

How does Premium Jet AG support me if I want to buy a private jet?

The best thing to do is to contact us at an early stage if you want to buy a private jet. Our team has the knowledge and experience that is urgently needed in this field. We will assist you with the following services:

  1. Analysis of your requirements for your future private jet

  2. Evaluation of the market

  3. Thorough examination of the results of the research and comparison of the available aircraft

  4. Price negotiation with the owner

  5. Technical acceptance and registration of the aircraft

  6. Introduction of the private jet into the operation

Premium AG employees are at your disposal for all questions regarding the purchase of a private jet. By the way, this also applies to the sale of aircraft. We handle this with a great deal of expertise and market knowledge. This way we make sure that you get the best possible price for your private jet.

The most important factor is a good operator

Finding the right operator is just as important as choosing the right private jet. We recommend that you get offers from several operators and compare them.

Premium Jet AG: Your reliable partner for buying and renting private jets

The three the three managing partners of Premium Jet AG look back on years of experience in business aviation. You can rely on them to pay full attention to your concerns. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please feel free to contact Premium Jet. You are also welcome to visit our premises at Zurich Airport.


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