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Buying a private jet – thought about a market analysis?

Toying with the idea of buying a used private jet? You already know all about the advantages of having your own jet. You probably also have some clue as to the price ranges of the plane you want.

  1. But do you know how many planes are currently available for sale in your desired range?

  2. Do you know how much the quoted prices differ?

  3. Which technical/fit-out features influence the price, and how?

  4. Is it worth buying a plane without “insurance coverage” for the engines?

These and other questions are examined in a serious private jet market analysis and answered for interested buyers. We offer you market analyses for a specific aircraft type or a range of aircraft, tailored to you and your requirements.

A market analysis marks the start of an acquisition project

The market analysis usually marks the start of a customer’s acquisition project. Once the desired aircraft category (ultra light jet, light jet, midsize jet, super midsize jet, long-range jet, ultra long-range jet) has been established based on your needs, and a budget has been set, we put together a customized market analysis for you, the future airplane owner.

Buyer’s expectations vs. market conditions

Experience has shown that comprehensively examining the market makes the search much easier, and simultaneously helps “adapt” the buyer’s expectations to the current market conditions – whether this be that the customer receives “more” aircraft than expected, e.g. through lower than expected purchase prices or a newer aircraft for the same budget – or that the desired plane is more expensive than expected for its age. If this preliminary adjustment can be made through a market analysis, it makes the subsequent search for a suitable purchase much easier and more efficient.

Better understanding of market prices

The extensive data provided in an analysis not only gives the buyer a feel for the private-jet market; it also allows him to assess for himself the extent to which the offered prices for used planes are consistent with the market – which builds trust for the upcoming transaction.

So have fun working out your plane category, and we look forward to compiling a market analysis for you soon.

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