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By private jet to the Super Bowl

This is the mega sporting event of the year: the 51st Super Bowl, the final of the American Football League (NFL), is taking place in Houston on 5th February. Hundreds of millions of people all over the world will be glued to their television screens when the New England Patriots meet the Atlanta Falcons. 

But why be content with following it on TV? In American football, you refer to an “audible” when the quarterback (the playmaker) changes the game plan. And you too have the chance of an audible: you can change your plan and experience the Super Bowl live instead of just watching it from your sofa. Instead of sitting between the heating and the television in Europe, you can join in the cheering together with 71,500 fans in the NRG Stadium while enjoying a very pleasant 20 degrees. An event you will never forget!

The advantages of a charter flight

This is possible by flying in a private jet. You fly directly, efficiently and in comfort to Houston without wasting much time at check-in, in security controls or at the baggage drop. This way, your Super Bowl trip will fit into a busy schedule.

It is precisely for these reasons that many Super Bowl fans travel to the final by charter jet – it is also a huge event for the private jet sector. Fortunately Cessna, Gulfstream, Bombardier and Co. can not only land and take off at Houston’s major airport (George Bush Intercontinental Airport), but also at a large number of small airports in the city and region.

Once you get to Houston, Premium Jet will make sure you get to your hotel – or directly to the stadium – by limousine (or as far as possible by helicopter).

Super Bowl, Champions League Final, US Open

The game will be a real sporting highlight: the New England Patriots have already won the title four times – thanks to star quarterback Tom Brady and the trainer legend Bill Belichick. Although the Atlanta Falcons led by quarterback Matt Ryan have enjoyed less success in recent years, this season their strong offensive has swept all before them. In the half-time show, pop diva Lady Gaga will be doing the honors.

And, in spite of everything, you can’t find time to go to the Super Bowl due to your schedule? Then fly by private jet to another big sporting occasion. For example, on 3rd June 2017 the UEFA Champions League Final is taking place in Cardiff, Wales. In tennis, the US Open in New York is starting on 28th August 2017. And in June 2018, the FIFA World Cup Finals get underway in Russia.

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