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Challenger 604 now Available for Your Private Jet Charter Bookings

The Zurich home based Bombardier Challenger 604 with registration HB-JRG (with one of the quietest and widest cabins of all business jets and for up to 9 passengers) is available for your charter bookings with immediate effect. Combining superior strength, versatility and reliability it allows you to act with swift effectiveness anywhere in the world – for example from and to London City Airport!

Book our HB-JRG for national, Europe- or worldwide flights, small or large groups, business or leisure. Besides the usual conveniences it’s equipped with board internet and satellite phone – and even your pets can be brought along.

And if our Challenger 604 does not suit your travel for whatever reason, use one of our other aircrafts from our fleet and partner resources. We’ll find the right solution for you!

Contact us under or just call +41 44 307 50 80 for our competitive rates.

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