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Charter flight – the perfect solution for many sports teams

At big tournaments sport teams are expected to deliver their best performance. After all, their training for months is supposed to pay off. However, if the venues are far apart, traveling to and from the destinations might lead to a drop in performance. Chartered aircraft can ensure that both performance and motivation stay at a high level.

Those chartered flights are usually not done in VVIP jets, but rather in chartered airliners.

Stadium Hopping wastes a lot of time

During the soccer world cup or the European championship, teams have to play in many different stadiums within a few days.

For example, the Swiss national team had to travel from the European championship quarters in Montpellier to Lens and after a week to Lille. Both stadiums are about 1,000 kilometers from the quarters.

During the UEFA Champions League or the Europa League, teams have to cover even wider distances. The Scots, for example, traveled through 5 different time zones and covered 5,500 kilometers to Almaty during the 2015/2016 Europa League season.

With an ordinary scheduled flight, a lot of time is wasted due to waiting at terminals, baggage claims and check-ins. This time could be better invested – for example for training, mental preparation or regeneration. Additionally, there is a chance that the players might lose their motivation.

Why then do professional teams use chartered aircraft? Like for instance FC Basel for whom we provide the aircrafts for all flights to its matches in connection with the UEFA Championship or European League.

Comfort and efficiency thanks to a chartered airplane

The advantages of chartered flights in comparison to scheduled flights are obvious, predominantly due to the greater level of flexibility during the booking and the flight itself as well as other practical reasons. For example one can always be sure that the luggage – and therefore the sports equipment and devices – are traveling to the same destination.

On a chartered airplane, the players are able to prepare for the next game in a relaxed atmosphere – be it by resting or by discussing the rehearsed maneuvers once again. Because there are no other passengers their privacy is protected and their secrets in regard to their game plan and exchange tactics, only partially healthy players or new moves are not spread out.

Another factor is the independence from regular flight schedules. Thanks to an exemption permit for night landings, sports teams can even travel back home late at night so they do not have to overnight at a hotel. Such a late return flight would not be possible with an ordinary airliner.

No prying eyes

Especially when it comes to professional players, there is yet another aspect. On scheduled flights, they are exposed to the prying eyes, questions and photo or autograph requests of fans and other passengers on board. This leads to the players not getting the peace they need in order to mentally prepare for the upcoming game.

On a chartered airplane there are only passengers who are allowed to be there.

Charter flights are the solution for sports teams

Professional sports teams have depended on professionally organized charter flights for a long time. The main reasons for this are the protected privacy, a higher level of comfort and especially the substantial time saving.

However, semi-professional teams could also financially benefit from chartered flights. If the athletes reach their destination well-rested and motivated, they are mentally better prepared for the tournament than if they would have arrived after being annoyed or are tired on a scheduled flight. These advantages that result from a better mental state could possibly decide over a win or a loss.

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