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Communication is key …

I still remember the stories of our meanwhile retired CEO, who told me about flight plans that they back then had to prepare and transmit using perforated strips, some of which were metres long. And of typewriters on which offers were typed, which they then sent by post to the recipient … and which arrived there two or three days later.

Since then, however, time has changed rapidly, very rapidly … thanks to telex, fax and e-mail, data transmission has become easier from year to year and the equipment required has become smaller and smaller. Today, most people carry a device in their pockets, with which one can not only have conversations, but also send messages, Facetime, navigate, take photos and do 100 other things! The question “online or not” no longer is one for most people.

This makes it even more important to have a company on the “other side” that is available for you whenever you need it …

At your service around the clock

Whenever you contact Premium Jet, you will always reach one of our highly experienced staff members. No call centre, no answering machine, no artificial intelligence, but 100% Premium Jet:

Phone: +41 44 307 50 80


And now communication with Premium Jet is becoming even easier … because from now on we can also be reached via the world’s most-used messenger service:

WhatsApp: +41 76 601 25 01

In whatever way you prefer to communicate, we are available for you 24/7. This ensures the fastest possible response times and guarantees you a consistently high standard of service and the highest degree of discretion and confidentiality … simply Premium!

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