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Exclusive Adventure and Premium Jet take you to the edge of the stratosphere

As the aviation partner of Exclusive Adventure we are pleased to offer an absolutely exclusive experience to selected customers only available by invitation. Premium Jet will take you in an exclusive aircraft from Zurich airport to Moscow, where you get the chance to be one of the first non-Russian civilians to fly to the edge of the stratosphere on board of an MiG-31.

An exclusive and world-wide unique offer

Your dreams will come true in Moscow. In exclusive small groups of not more than 4 people you will experience a number of very special highlights in the span of 4 days:

  1. a flight with an interceptor MiG-31 to the edge of the stratosphere

  2. acrobatic manoeuvres with loops, rolls and turns on an Aero L-29 Delfin or an Aero L-39 Albatross

  3. a flight with a combat helicopter

  4. live military exercises

  5. a visit of the Bolshoi Theatre, including a backstage pass

  6. a private tour of the Kreml, including the access to restricted areas

For the first time in history, a company has received unprecedented access to a program like this. Never before were non-Russian civilians allowed to experience the flight of an active combat aircraft.

In order for you to already get in the mood for this unqiue event during your travel to Moscow, Exclusive Adventure has decided to collaborate with us.

On your journey from Zurich to Moscow, you will experience the utmost comfort on board.

Arrival and departure on the highest level

As seen in the genuine feedback, our highest standards in security as well as in customer service lead to higly satisfied customers.

This enables us to ensure that the flight between Zurich airport and Moscow is going to be the perfect setting for the event.

Four unique days

While in Moscow, you will stay at Russia’s best hotel, the Four Seasons Hotel Moscow.

The definite highlight of this program is the flight with the Interceptor MiG-31, which will take you to the edge of the stratosphere in 45 minutes. As a souvenir, you will get an HD video as well as your personal flight suit.

During the live military exercise, you will command a tank and battle against live competitors.

Two additional extras are the private visit of the Kreml and the invitation to the world-famous Bolshoi Ballet. In the Kreml you get access to areas that are closed off for ordinary visitors. The Bolshoi Theatre gives you an exclusive backstage access.

Dinners at the best restaurants in Moscow as well as a 24-hour limousine service top off this experience.

The event takes place in September 2016 and can only be booked upon invitation.

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