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Five tips to sell your aircraft

Having your own aircraft is extremely practical. You can travel with it when and where you want. But sometimes certain circumstances require you to sell your aircraft. You may need the sale price for another investment or you may want to buy a bigger or newer aircraft. But how do you sell your aircraft in the most stress-free yet efficient way?

Premium Jet AG has sold aircraft on behalf of various customers. Therefore we know exactly what is important. In the following, we give you five tips on what to consider when you want to sell your aircraft.

1. What price do you want to achieve when you sell your aircraft?

Flugzeug verkaufe

The most important aspect when you want to sell your aircraft is, of course, the price you want to get for it. It is in everyone’s interest to get as much money as possible when selling. The price you can ask for your aircraft depends on one hand on its age and condition. On the other hand the market also plays an important role.

Maybe the demand for the model you are offering is not too high. Or maybe it is overwhelming and you can ask a surprisingly high price for the aircraft.

As experts in selling aircraft, we always keep a close eye on the market. If you wish, we will conduct a precise market analysis and, based on that, estimate how high the purchase price can be. This way we help you to achieve the maximum possible selling price.

2. How urgently do you want to sell your aircraft?

A market analysis will reveal how good the chances are of selling your aircraft at a good price. If the currently possible purchase price is below your expectations, you may want to postpone the sale. The market is constantly evolving, and it is quite possible that you will be more successful in selling your aircraft after a certain waiting period.

There may be other opportunities to generate revenue with your aircraft during this waiting period. Have you thought about chartering it out? In this case, the aircraft is made available to other people who can use it temporarily and for an hourly fee. If yes, we would be happy to advise you on this matter as well, and work with you to find a suitable solution.

3. Showing the aircraft from its best side

das flugzeug von innen

Once you have decided to sell your aircraft, a crucial focus is on its technical condition. During a pre-purchase inspection, this is assessed by a qualified company and the result is communicated to the buyer and the seller. The two parties then agree on what work, if any, should be carried out before the sale.

Not to be neglected is of course the presentation of the aircraft. For example, there should be as few visual imperfections on and in the aircraft as possible. These should also be taken care of before you offer the aircraft for sale. And when you have it inspected by potential buyers, it should also be completely cleaned. This way it leaves a strong and good impression from A to Z.

4. Are the interested parties trustworthy?

A lot of money is involved in aircraft trading. Trust between the seller and the potential buyer is therefore of great importance. If you want to sell your aircraft without professional help, you run the risk of falling for fraudsters. Falsified documents may be presented, or the agreed purchase price may be withheld in part or in full.

In order not to fall for people who are up to no good, you need support. We at Premium Jet AG have excellent contacts in the industry. Through them, we reliably find out whether or not it is a trustworthy prospective buyer.

5. Get the right partner on your side

Safe flight with premium jet

As you can see: It is anything but easy to sell an aircraft on your own. There are many pitfalls of legal, technical and financial nature.  That’s why it’s highly advisable to seek the help of an experienced partner. Premium Jet AG is happy to be at your side when it comes to selling your aircraft.

After the sale, should you wish to purchase a new aircraft immediately, then we are also your competent partner. And finally, once all transactions are completed and you are again in possession of a jet, we will also be happy to take care of the following operational services for you – as part of a continuing, comprehensive and long-term cooperation:

  1. Mission planning

  2. Maintenance

  3. Crew-control

  4. Insurance and fuel

  5. Administration and accounting

If you have any questions about our company, or if you are interested in any of our services, please feel free to contact us. You can reach us by phone or by e-mail. We also invite you to visit us at our offices at Zurich Airport, where we can answer your questions personally.


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