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Flying? For sure …

Preferably a partner who operates a fleet of business jets himself and who has a proven track record of transporting passengers reliably and trouble-free over the years. Since this partner operates his own fleet, you can be sure that he knows what to do to find the right aircraft for you, even if the aircraft in his own fleet are already booked or do not exactly meet your travel needs.

Such a partner, with its own charter fleet and, in addition, worldwide access to all available business jets and helicopters, is Zurich-based, owner-managed and independent Premium Jet AG. Our charter sales professionals have decades of experience and know exactly how to find the best deal for you (because the cheapest solution might not always be the best one). Whenever you need us, we are at your disposal around the clock – discreetly, safely, reliably. No “one-man show with mobile phone and website”, no call center, no answering machine, no artificial intelligence, but 100% Premium Jet.

Flying with us is almost as easy as calling a taxi!

Don’t just rely on our words – check us out and find out for yourself! For more information or a price indication, send us an e-mail to, call us on phone +41 44 307 50 80 or contact us via WhatsApp +41 76 601 25 01.

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