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Flying in times of the coronavirus

The coronavirus is on the rise worldwide and is hitting air traffic massively. Airlines are cancelling connections, planes are staying on the ground and passengers are feeling insecure. They try to avoid busy terminals, feel defenceless during the flight and wonder what will happen if a case of suspected infection occurs on board?

You can reduce the risk of being exposed to the virus during a flight by switching to a private jet for your next flight. Boarding and disembarking take place in separate terminals (so-called FBO “Fixed Base Operator”), without any waiting time. And only your passengers and the crew are on board.

Premium Jet is happy to assist you in this respect. Our Zurich-based, brand new Pilatus PC-24 HB-VLX, for example, with its range of up to 3:30 flight hours, is the ideal solution for transporting a maximum of 6 passengers within Europe. For slightly longer flights (up to 6:30 flying hours) and up to 9 passengers, our Challenger 300 HB-JGQ is a perfect choice, and if you want to go even further (up to 12:30 flying hours) or up to 14 passengers, then our Gulfstream G550 HB-JWY is at your disposal.

It goes without saying that travel restrictions imposed by any authority also apply to private flying, but due to the fact that our aircraft are not subject to a “timetable”, a much higher level of flexibility is given. Nevertheless, all actual flights must be reassessed on a day-to-day basis.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you require a quotation. We are available 24h for you via +41 44 307 50 80 or

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