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Handover at Premium Jet

Right on time to enjoy the upcoming summer days, our long-term Director of Maintenance and Managing Partner will enter into retirement. Since the company has been founded more than 9 years ago and as one of the founding partners, Heiner Bernhard has been an important part of the puzzle bringing Premium Jet to where it stands today. Now he’s about to open a new chapter for which we wish him nothing but the best, in particular happiness and good health.

However, Heiner will not be completely out of aviation as he’s an avid pilot himself. So we’re sure he’ll be happy to have more time to log hours of his own and to enjoy sunny days up in the sky instead of behind a desk. And no, we’re not jealous – well, maybe we are but just a little bit…

To ensure a smooth transition within our CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation) department we already could welcome Roman Aerne aboard in April. He’s an experienced professional with a proven track record in all Maintenance matters and in the past months has gained a thorough insight into our fleet. Somewhat belated but with even more pleasure we congratulate Roman for successfully passing the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) assessment allowing him to assume the responsibilities of CAM (Continuing Airworthiness Manager).

All the tasks that Premium Jet’s CAMO is entrusted to take care of are essential for a smooth and safe operation of our aircraft. Thanks to the highly skilled and flexible CAMO team members, technical problems can be efficiently analyzed and swiftly fixed allowing the highest-level dispatch reliability of the Premium Jet fleet. The know-how of the CAMO staff is also essential in support of aircraft transactions as they are at hand when the technical condition and status of an aircraft for sale or purchase needs to be reviewed.

Going forward Premium Jet’s management board will be comprised of Marcel Wepfer, Daniel Kunz and Fabio Hausammann.

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