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How the new Pilatus PC-24 differs from other business jets

13 oversized windows, lots of natural light, a spacious cabin with fully flat floor and practical, vertical side walls: The Pilatus PC-24 is all about traveling in comfort. But the new Swiss-made plane is more than just an outstanding business jet in the conventional sense. Pilatus itself calls it a Super Versatile Jet – the same size as a Medium Light Jet on the inside, with the performance of a Light Jet and the versatility of a turboprop. What does this mean in practice? Imagine, for example, …

… You’re the boss of an industrial company, and production at your Spain-based facility is at a standstill. The spare parts needed to repair the fault are not available on-site. Every hour that goes by is more money down the drain. What do you do? You load up your Pilatus PC-24. Despite currently being used as a passenger jet, it can be quickly converted into a combination of passenger and cargo plane. Loading is no problem thanks to the 1.3 x 1.25-meter cargo door, which sets the PC-24 apart from its rivals. And there’s plenty of space inside too: No other business jet in this price category has such a large cabin and comparable luggage area which can also be accessed in-flight. A pallet of spare parts, tools, two mechanics… all this can easily fit in the new Pilatus, allowing you to solve your problems at jet speed, and your production facility to resume operations.

… You want to actively relax by whitewater canoeing in Canada. You’ve had your canoe sent to the airport earlier; meanwhile, you make your way there by motorbike. The bike is loaded in via the cargo door and stowed next to the canoe. And there are still four seats available. But the wilderness of north-west Canada doesn’t have the same nice landing runways that Frankfurt does. Fortunately, the PC-24 can land in many places which other planes can only fly over. The special landing gear design and the position of the engines, which protects against stone chipping, enables the plane to take off and land even on unsealed runways. Unlike any other business jet, an 820-meter-long runway is all it needs. As such, the PC-24 can fly to more than 21,000 airfields – almost twice as many as its competitors can. In North America alone, it can access almost 8,400 runways, whereas its fiercest rivals can only manage around 4,400. So time to get canoeing and motorbiking!

… You’re a doctor in Australia, and a patient in the outback is at risk of losing his/her life. You need to get as close to the accident site as you can, and as quickly as possible. The Pilatus PC-24 enables you to land on a bush strip and then fly back to a suitable hospital at jet speed with the patient onboard. The cabin has enough space for up to three patients plus medical equipment. Stretchers carrying the sick and injured can be loaded and unloaded through the cargo door – and this is made even safer and easier thanks to a sliding ramp or electric hoist system. Australia’s Royal Flying Doctors decided to order the PC-24 for all these reasons, writing “The jet will halve flying time” on their website. And when could that be more important than when saving human lives?

But even if you’re not managing a factory in Spain, motorbiking and canoeing in Canada, or working as an outback doctor in Australia, and just have very normal flying needs, the PC-24 is an excellent business jet worth looking at more closely. Businesspeople and operators around the world are hanging out for it to be finally delivered.

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