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How to book a private jet

Supported by online booking systems and apps, scheduled flights can be reserved, booked and paid at any time and within a couple of minutes. Did you know, that the booking of a private jet works equally easy and fast? The biggest difference between booking a scheduled flight and a charter flight is that you can provide your detailed requests to the charter provider, in order to find the best suited jet for you.

Step 1: Collect Information

Before booking a charter flight please make notes about all facts that you feel are important to you:

  1. Departure and arrival airports, if you head for several destinations

  2. Number of passengers

  3. Travel date, or the planned travel date and travel durance, in case the exact date is not defined yet

  4. Desired and acceptable stopovers

Especially on longer routes the question about acceptable stopovers is important. In case of fuel stopovers smaller (and thus cheaper) jets with less range could be considered.

Step 2: Set Desires

A charter flight offers many benefits, for example more comfort and flexibility. Therefore you should inform the charter provider about your wishes as detailed as possible.

The transportation on the ground includes the route of your point of departure, as well the onward transportation at your point of arrival. If the point of arrival is located further away from the approached airport, then a connecting flight with a helicopter could be an option or limousine, taxi or train are possible if the distance is not too big. Probably think about it in advance, and inform the charter operator accordingly.

Meals onboard can and will be customized according to your wishes. Specify your preferences or medical restrictions already with the booking so that the catering can be aligned according to your needs, wishes and expectations.

Furthermore, if you have special wishes or you would like to transport special goods, inform the charter operator about it. The same holds true for pets. With most charter operators you can take them along without any problems.

The charter operator always will try to find the best and most economical solution for you. If you prefer flying with a specific aircraft type more often or alternatively exclude it from the list, just specify this in your booking.

Step 3: Booking

Once all or most information and wishes are gathered go ahead and book the charter flight. Contact the charter operator and provide him with all the information and your wishes. If you book for the first time ask as many questions as you like.

Ask for a choice of alternatives being offered, so that you get an overview of which options are available.

Also ask about which features exist at the destination airport. This can be, e.g. visa restrictions or other limitations. You may also take advantage of the weather, which can lead to restrictions, since some airports maybe cannot be approached due to weather reasons or allow you to get closer to your destination.

If you book your charter flights always at the same charter operator, you only need to give the information the first time. As long as there are no major changes with your wishes, it is sufficient to specify the information about the date, destination and passengers on the second booking.

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