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How to choose the right airport when traveling with a business jet

With smaller and more agile business jet requiring less runway you can fly to a lot more airports than with a scheduled airliner.

We have summarized what you should consider when choosing airports. 

Proximity to destination

Flying with a business jet means you save a lot of time at check-in at departure. In order to also save time after arrival the airport should be as close as possible to the final destination. Large airports often have the disadvantage that rural areas can only be reached with big and time consuming difficulties.

Take advantage of the fact that you can fly to smaller airports saving you a good amount of time not only before the flight but also afterwards.

Transport connection

In addition to the proximity to the destination, ground connections are also important. Because the benefit of a nearby airport is lost immediately when there are no suitable transport solutions.

Think about whether you want to travel from the airport by limousine, train, taxi or helicopter and then let the charter provider check which airport suits your needs best. Sometimes an airport slightly further away is the better choice regarding the total amount of travel time.

Level of discretion

Especially for business travelers, who fly to important meetings discretion and the protection of privacy play an important role. Most airports have their own terminals for business jets. But not every terminal offers the possibility to almost invisibly go on board – protected from the eyes of other travelers.

In this regard Zurich Airport, for example, combines the advantages of a large, international airport with very good transport connection and high discretion for business jet travelers.

Operating times

If you have a meeting in the late afternoon or evening and want to go back afterwards you should also consider the operating times. At many airports there are night time restrictions prohibiting departures and arrivals at certain times.

Therefore, it is important to inform your charter provider about your schedule and also indicate possible time delays. This ensures you can depart late at night or arrive early in the morning.

Costs and fees

In addition to the proximity to the destination, transport connections and the operating times, the costs also play a role. They vary considerably from airport to airport and even within a city.

For example, if you are flying to London City Airport you will pay around CHF 2,000 more than if you were flying to London Stansted.

In addition there are positioning costs. It is best to depart from or arrive at the home airport of the jet provider. A customer-oriented jet provider will always try to keep the positioning costs as low as possible by selecting the best flight route.


When choosing the right airport you should consider several aspects. In addition to good transport connections and proximity to the destination the operating times also play a role – especially when the flight might be late at night or early in the morning. Last but not least discretion plays an important role.

You will find the best airport by defining your requirements and let the jet provider know about them. This allows him to ensure he chooses the best suitable airport.

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