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If you can make it there… flights to unusual destinations

Like Frank Sinatra, who in his song about New York stated “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere”, we also strive to meet the challenges of special airports and destinations.

In the following we introduce to you some unusual destinations we flew to.

Expedition to the North Pole

In cooperation with a partner we supported a camera team on its way to the North Pole. Besides the overflight of the North Pole, the biggest challenges were the landings on remote runways in Greenland, Iceland, Norway and the Faroe Islands.

The resulting TV documentary “Im Tiefflug zum Nordpol – Europas eiskalter Norden” (“Low-level flight to the North Pole – Europe’s ice-cold North”) was aired in December 2010.

Around the world for a good cause

In 2012, we “escorted” Carlo Schmid, a then 22-year-old Swiss pilot, on his journey around the world. As the youngest pilot ever he circumnavigated the world in 80 days – all by his own!

Premium Jet supported him on this challenging tour from July 11th 2012 to September 29th 2012 to a total of 43 cities in 21 countries of Europe, Africa, Asia and North America.

We were especially pleased that this world record flight was a fund raising project for UNICEF. The earnings were donated to UNICEF Switzerland to support education projects for girls in India.

A big challenge in the South Pacific

Flights to unusual destinations – South PacificSometimes we encounterunexpected challenges: Our task was to fly a customer to a small island in the South Pacific ..

With enough lead time this flight was actually no problem. However, the airport was unplanned and at short notice closed for 2 days due to a simultaneous state visit. Thanks to our international contacts we were nevertheless able to get the permission to land, but our aircraft had to be parked on the other, the military side of the airport, hidden amidst the fighter jets stationed there. Not an everyday situation.

A spare part to the South Pole

After the North Polealso the South Pole should have been on our list in 2016. We were asked if we could deliver an important spare part.

Our Gulfstream G550 HB-JOE was available, all the necessary special licenses of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) were granted, the flight plans were created, the polar gear was being loaded and the preparations were actually completed to 95%.

Unfortunately (and to the great annoyance of our pilots, who would gladly have accepted this unique challenge), the flight ultimately did not take place due to “blowing snow” preventing the view on the runway for several days. Ultimately the spare part had to be delivered by ship.

From the sailboat into the plane

Flights to unusual destinations Beyond the northern polar circle, right on the famous sea route connects the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean in the far North of the American continent we picked up an enthusiastic sailor. He mastered the adventure of the Northwest Passage, which was open only for 6 weeks, and sailed past ice floes and icebergs.

Due to the combination of the often nasty weather and the very short runway not every long range jet makes the nonstop flight from Northern Canada to Europe. We managed it – and  just 22 hours later we were ready for the next customer with the same aircraft (and a new crew) California.

Ice diving in the Arctic Ocean

Flights to unusual destinations The cold regions of the world exert a great fascination on some people. Ice diving combines the fascination of both worlds: the sparse, cold world above and the one species-rich variety under the water.

We have accompanied an enthusiastic ice diver for 2 weeks to a group of islands belonging to Norway in the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, a rather minor challenge for our crew on the aviation Side.

The major challenge was a bit more exciting: Next to the entrance of the hotel stands a sign reminding the guests not to leave the hotel without a weapon – the danger of a polar bear encounter was omnipresent …

If we can make it there, we can make it anywhere …

We are ready for new challenges. Where can we fly you to?

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