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In a private jet from Zurich to any destination

Whether for business or private travel – for longer distances, a private jet is the most practical method of transportation. It allows for a stress-free flight and flexible route planning. If you charter a private jet from Zurich, you can reach numerous places all over the world. It goes without saying that you can also easily travel to destinations within Switzerland.

We at Premium Jet AG are your point of contact if you need a private jet from Zurich. We operate a fleet of aircraft ourselves, and moreover, we will be happy to arrange the charter of a private jet of any size you desire.

To where can I fly from Zurich by private jet?

Zurich Airport is the largest Swiss airport. In 2021, over ten million passengers took off and landed here. More than 75 airlines fly from Zurich to over 200 destinations in about 70 countries. Nevertheless, the choice of destinations you can reach with scheduled flights from Zurich is severely limited. This is because only larger airports are served.

Why? Partly because most passengers travel to larger cities. Therefore, such larger cities are at the core of most airlines’ schedule. Secondly, only large airports are designed for take-offs and landings of commercial airliners. Hence, if you want to travel to a smaller city, you often have to take a detour. The airliner flight is then followed by a train or car ride.

Because a private jet is much lighter and more manoeuvrable than a scheduled aircraft, it can also land at smaller airports. You can therefore reach many more destinations with a private jet from Zurich. For example, you can land at one of Switzerland’s eleven regional airports, giving you more flexibility for domestic flights.

Even abroad, smaller airports not covered by scheduled flights are possible destinations for a private jet. In Europe alone, we can serve more than 1’400 airports directly – so flying with a private jet from Zurich has an extremely positive effect on your travel planning.

What makes flying in a private jet from Zurich comfortable?

In addition to the greater number of possible destinations, there are several other aspects that speak in favor of using a private jet. The most important are:

  1. no waiting time at the airport

  2. no noisy and disturbing passengers on board

  3. individual care by the crew

  4. night configuration for comfortable overnight flights

No waiting time at the airport


Before boarding a scheduled flight, passengers have to be prepared for long waits. They first queue at check-in, passport control and security, and then have to wait to board. When traveling on a private jet, these processes are significantly shortened or non-existent. As a result, you will be on board in a matter of minutes.

In addition, when flying on a private jet, you do not have to check-in your luggage. Thus, waiting at the baggage carousel after arrival is also eliminated. This significantly reduces travel time, and you can spend more time on your appointment or enjoying your vacation.

Selected passengers only

Nur ausgewählte Passagiere

It is not uncommon for an airliner to carry several hundred passengers. In view of this, it is obvious that things are not exactly quiet on board. In addition, the cabin is very cramped, causing unintentional kicks or similarly painful physical contact.

None of this can happen to you on a private jet. Because there you are either the only passenger or you are accompanied exclusively by people you have chosen. Thus, it is pleasantly quiet on board, and all passengers have enough space. The advantageous atmosphere in the private jet can be used for discreet conversations or for relaxation.

Personal care and catering as desired

Privatjet Zürich

On a scheduled flight, a few flight attendants have to look after hundreds of passengers. So it’s not surprising that there are long waits until every traveler is provided with food and drinks. Moreover, individual wishes are seldom or never fulfilled.

On a private jet, things are quite different. The crew has only one goal: to satisfy you and your possible fellow passengers. If you have a wish, it doesn’t take long for the flight attendant to take care of it.

Moreover, the catering on the private jet is completely tailored to your taste. Unlike scheduled flights, where there is only a small selection of meals, you have a free choice. The meals are prepared according to your wishes and the drinks you like are available.

Overnight stay on board

When you fly by private jet from Zurich to a faraway place, you are airborne for several hours. You can use the long journey for sleeping, for example. Especially in the case of a night flight, you will not lose any time. Rested and full of energy, you land at your destination and immediately start your planned activity.

The night configuration available in a private jet makes it possible! It consists of beds that are in no way less comfortable than those at home. In contrast, on a scheduled flight, you have to spend the night sitting down, which is anything but restful.

How can I charter a private jet from Zurich?

Premium Jet AG is your business aviation boutique, wholly dedicated to your needs. Be it through chartering an aircraft from our fleet or by arranging a private jet of another size/range, we will find the right solution. We operate aircraft of the following types:

  1. Gulfstream G550

  2. Bombardier Global Express

  3. Bombardier Challenger 300

They differ, among other things, in the number of possible passengers, range and night configuration. If you have other ideas about the private jet you want to charter, feel free to use our charter brokerage services. From Very Light Jets to Ultra Long Range Jets, we can arrange the charter that meets your expectations. 

You can easily submit your request online. For this purpose we offer you an easy to use tool. Enter the departure and destination airports, the desired date and time, and the number of passengers. You will immediately see the options available and the calculated price. This way, you can make your request with a click of the mouse.

Buying and selling of private jets


Should you wish to purchase your own private jet, we are also available to assist you. The managing partners of Premium Jet AG have many years of experience in the Business Aviation industry. They therefore have the best contacts in the industry and know exactly where there is an aircraft for sale that meets your requirements.

In addition to analyzing the market, we will be happy to compare offers and negotiate prices for you. Furthermore, we take care of the technical acceptance, the registration of the aircraft and the introduction to the operation.

If you want to sell your private jet, we also put our comprehensive expertise at your disposal. This way you will achieve the best possible selling price.

Our team is small. As a result, you will always have the same contact person who knows you and your requirements inside out. Also, we are available to you at any time – around the clock.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our services, you can reach us by phone or e-mail. You are also welcome to visit us at our offices at Zurich Airport. In a personal conversation, we will be happy to explain how we can meet your individual travel requirements.


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