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Is your business jet operator fully operational?

The year 2020 so far in a few keywords: corona crisis, protection concepts, short-time work, system-relevance, home office, quarantine, a lot of tohubohu and no idea how it will go on …

Many companies around the world are facing difficulties in this unstable and unprecedented times – if this also applies to the operator of your private jet, Premium Jet can be your solution. As a Swiss company run and owned by its 3 managing partners, we are stable and safe even if the world is not.

Whatever is needed, Premium Jet can provide it!

Premium Jet offers the full range of aircraft management services (from dispatch, maintenance coordination, flight ops and the selection, employment and training of crews to insurance, fuel and accounting-management) as well as charter flight- and aircraft purchase and sales-solutions. No matter what type of aircraft, no matter where in the world the aircraft is registered and based, no matter whether it is privately or commercially operated and no matter whether the full service package is required or only parts of it.

Not only are we stable, we are also different to many other business jet operators out there. And this not only since the pandemic – no, this is intentional! Ever since the beginning, Premium Jet offers its customers a lot of things, which not all operators do – the facts can be found here.

What to do if you need to talk

Whenever you have any questions regarding airplanes, please do not hesitate to contact me or one of my two business partners – without any obligation:

  1. Fabio Hausammann, +41 44 307 50 66, Email

  2. Daniel Kunz, +41 44 307 50 65, Email

  3. Marcel Wepfer, +41 44 307 50 99, Email

We are pleased to support you whenever you like and wherever you are.


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