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Jamil Al-Khalisi / Detour Berlin-Zurich

It’s Saturday, another routine day at the Premium Jet Dispatch. At 17:30 our Gulfstream G550 is scheduled to leave Zurich with destination Sydney where the plane is planned to arrive 20 hours later – including a stopover in Bangkok for refueling and crew change. The mission only allows for a reserve of 40 minutes max. – if we arrive later, Customs in Sydney won’t be available. Therefore everything has to work like a Swiss clockwork which means the Premium Jet Operations Control Center («Dispatch») permanently monitors the flight’s progress ready to come up with flexible solutions if required. Of course, always keeping in mind the most stringent standards of safety and quality while at the same time considering the wishes and requirements of the passenger.

Our Dispatch’s motto is: There is no „this can’t be done“ and we always have a Plan B, because our customers and their safety are our first priority! For a Dispatcher this means a high level of flexibility, technical know-how and customer focus 24/7.

Our customer arrived in Sydney on time. While he was airborne aboard the Gulfstream a few minor adjustments were required and there was hard work in the background – the passenger however didn’t notice anything which for us is reward as well as motivation.

A great thanks to my whole team!

About me:

Born and raised in Berlin (West) surrounded by the Berlin Wall (the so-called «socialist Schutzwall» it became my desire to become part of the aviation family thus discovering the world outside the Wall

My chance came when the Wall fell in 1989 and Lufthansa started operating into Berlin Tegel. Because the then state-owned airline of Eastern Germany ceased flying immediately, Lufthansa was desperately looking for staff who could help them set up and establish a Berlin ops. We became trained in accordance with Lufthansa standards in subjects like Dispatch and Weight & Balance and got readied for some pioneer work

Thereafter I got the chance to work at other place and in other roles for Lufthansa (including Operations, Traffic Control, Cargo, Customer Service, Ramp etc.) and learnt a lot about flexibility, teamwork and problem solving  – in short experiences that left a huge impression and stay with me throughout my whole professional career..

In the beginning of 2000 and following restructuring measures within Lufthansa I got the opportunity to join British Airways Load Control where I was in change for the operation of all BA flights from Europe and Africa.

When the low cost carriers entered the market the whole environment changed which – after a short stint as Ground Ops Manager with a German airline – made me to search for new professional opportunities.

I asked myself what I can and what I want. On the one side I love Aviation, technical processes and finding solutions for complex problems and on the other side I’m highly committed to provide the best possible service.

So I decided to enter the world of private aircraft, moved to Switzerland, the «Mecca» of Business Aviation and joined the Dispatch of ExecuJet, a worldwide renowned operator.

As it’s often the case in life, the start wasn’t all that easy and progressing got combined with setbacks. After some detours I finally landed at Premium Jet, a company that convinced me due to its philosophy and its outstanding people. Being a part of the team and – as Chief Dispatcher – being in a position to contribute to the success of Premium Jet and its valued customers makes me very happy.

Though I guess it’s fair to say: «Arrived via detours» … or as the header states «Detour Berlin-Zurich»

I’d like to thank everybody who accompanied and supported me on my was, in particular the former CEO for whom I hold the highest respect as well as the management of Premium Jet and all my colleagues.

Jamil Al-Khalisi

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