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Jet cards or on demand charter – What is better?

Jet Cards are known as an attractive possibility to combine both the flexibility of charter flights and secure availability of the jets to financial benefits. It’s often advertised, that a single flight hour is cheaper because you book and pay a specific amount of hours in advance. But it’s worth to have a closer look at the details because charter flights aren’t  only more flexible but from a price perspective also more interesting.

The particular benefits of Jet Cards:

  1. good predictability through booking of the hours in advance

  2. guaranteed availability of the jets

The benefits of On Demand Charter lie in:

  1. high flexibility

  2. maximum efficiency

Predictability versus flexibility

The good predictability of Jet Cards results from booking and paying the flight hours in advance. The booked hours can be used step by step during the contract term, without having to account each time thus avoiding accounting expenses.

With On Demand Charter the flights are only booked when required. This means, that if a flight is needed, the charter is booked and payed. Thus every flight is being added to the accountant individually. But this also means that the flexibility is clearly higher.  Because if the need for flight hours suddenly rises – or declines – the hours are only booked as required.

The question about the availability

Guaranteed is, that the availability of jets belongs to one of the biggest benefits of Jet Card, at first sight at least.

With Jet Card you choose in most cases a specific plane type. The availability of this type is assured. In case your plans change, if for instance far more or less passengers are participating or if the route changes significantly – the availability might not be assured anymore because the requirements for the plane have changed.

You’ll find in several terms of conditions that the guaranteed availability doesn’t take effect on international holidays or on other special occasions. A thorough look over the contract is required.

With On Demand Charter flights one can rely on the fact that the desired jet is available at any time. An experienced and good charter operator will in most cases be able to charter the preferred jet – or suggest a comparable alternative.

At the same time, charter flights are much more flexible. If you travel alone or with the entire team of 14 members – you will always get the jet according to your actual needs.

Jet Cards or On Demand Charter – what is more efficient?

Efficiency-wise is On Demand Charter significantly ahead of Jet Cards. Only the flight suiting the actual requirements are booked, and only the actual flown hours are billed. Indirect costs such as for taxi time or non-preferred FBO’s (“Non preferred airport operator”) are not being charged either.

For companies and businessmen, who would like to keep the accounting expenses as low as possible, the charter provider also offers frequent flyer programs, whereby the hours can be paid in advance. In comparison with classic Jet Cards you don’t need to miss the flexibility of On Demand Charter.


Jet Cards are having  several benefits which if looking closer can also be found at On Demand Charter, The guaranteed availability of the jets is related to previously set plane type., which means that in case the number of passengers or the route changes, it may not be flexible enough to react accordingly.

Charter operator too have frequent flyer programs to offer which connect the benefits of Jet Cards (set budget and lower accounting expenses) with On Demand Charter advantages (flexibility during the booking process, no indirect costs, higher efficiency).

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