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Meet our People: Sarah Schmidt – Chief Flight Attendant

The role of a VIP flight attendant often means making the impossible possible or living by the motto of “expect the unexpected”. And that’s precisely what this profession is all about. No two days are the same, which is also part of the attraction.

With more than 10 years’ experience and over 4,000 flight hours on all kinds of aircraft, from Cessna, Challenger and Gulfstream to Boeing Business Jet, I have travelled to over 100 countries (104 to be exact…), and have attended to lots of very interesting people – heads of state, CEOs and some of the world’s biggest stars. Every flight is a little story in itself (though they will of course all remain a secret).

The most exotic places on earth

The privilege of flying on private jets is that you get to visit the most exotic places on earth. From the Falkland Islands to Fernando de Noronha and up to Alaska, from deepest, darkest Africa to the metropolises of the world. But there are still a few vacant spots on the map, especially Australia and New Zealand, so I look forward to hopefully another 10 years and 4,000 hours of flying.

It’s a thrill for me to have been able to apply my experience at Premium Jet for over a year now. Together with a great team and good communication, we have managed to achieve a lot in a short space of time.

Quality of service and customer satisfaction first

It is very important to us to cater to even the smallest of customer requests, and to make every flight an unforgettable experience for our passengers. To ensure this happens time and time again, we need every team member to communicate well, demonstrate a high degree of flexibility, and often be willing to “go the extra mile”.

Direct contact between the cabin team and sales team allows us to pass on customer requests, such as those regarding catering or particular cabin configurations, in a direct, streamlined manner. We can also prepare menu suggestions for our customers, incorporating many factors, such as flight time, number of passengers, age, nationality or religion.

With our highly experienced cabin team, we have pooled together all our knowledge, and broadened our experiences in VIP catering.

Catering training helps us perfectly monitor the latest trends

To ensure we always receive the best quality, it is important to cultivate solid supplier relations, which sees me in constant contact with our catering partners. This involves exchanging information, providing feedback, and discussing the current regional and seasonal options.

International team with intercultural understanding

Premium Jet not only offers an extensive international “route network”, but also a very international team. When new staff are employed, it is therefore essential to not only meet the language requirements, but also be able to combine these with flexibility, intercultural understanding and a good level of empathy.

I am proud to be part of this team, and look forward to the new daily challenges. At the moment, for example, I’m in the process of planning my next rotation. It’s to Japan. I’m constantly fascinated by this highly efficient, modern yet also very traditional country …

So in this case it’s …. arigato and sayonara!

Happy travels!

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