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Meet our People: Sebastian Hüskes, Gulfstream G550 Copilot

Almost all pilots wanted to fly even before they were able to walk, with me it was different. The “fly virus” became relatively late active.

Grown up in a family of medics were the first 16 years of my life embossed by the dream to become a surgeon – the only possibility for my future profession. But during a lot of flight travels with my parents the “fly virus” slowly but steadily creeped in and latest after the visit of an open day at the Lufthansa Flying School there was not a single day anymore doubting my future occupation.

Albeit the full support of my parents for my way into the cockpit it was necessary to tackle the hurdles of the school examinations. After sometimes more, sometimes less exciting years at the gymnasium I was able to tick off in 2008 the university entrance diploma and soon after started the long hoped for pilot education at Lufthansa Flight Training in Frankfurt. From January 2009 till October 2010 theory phases in Frankfurt altered with flight phases in Croatia and Rostock. To exercise the practical part on single and two engine aircraft in the busy European airspace was first strenuous and very demanding, but proved very beneficial afterwards.

The first flying “steps” were conducted on a fleet of DV-20 (Katana) and DV-40. Although today it is possible to use single engine aircraft for the commercial use every young pilot has to prove his abilities on multi-engine aircraft to receive the “frozen ATPL”. I was allowed to conduct the last part of my training and the final check ride on a PA-44 Seminole.

The big job application started as soon as I finished my training. While waiting for the desired work contract in a cockpit I decided to get to know the ground side of aviation. As ramp agent and later as load controller at Köln-Bonn-Airport I gathered valuable and important experience for my way to the cockpit.

In July 2012 time had come. The first cockpit job, in Switzerland!

On an Embraer Legacy 600 we mostly conducted short hops within Europe. The big advantage was the amount of arrivals and departures within a short time span granting a lot of experience. Almost 1’000 flight hours and about 500 missions later I got the chance to receive a new type rating und to amplify my flying periphery.

For almost 2 years I’m as co-pilot part of a very experienced and well cooperating team on a long-range Gulfstream 550. Because of its enormous range and a great team in the back office continents and world metropoles close ranks. Almost every place on Earth is reachable with just one stop.

My next and big target is to get my upgrade to Captain in the next couple of years and to sit in the cockpit … on the left side 🙂

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