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Pilatus PC-24 new in CAMO+ at Premium Jet

Premium Jet‘s Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO+) has added the first Pilatus PC-24 to its portfolio. Integrating a completely new aircraft type into the CAMO+ is not daily business and it requires capable and motivated staff ready to go the extra mile. Amongst other work there is in particular the obligation to establish several documents and manuals from scratch.

This effort is supported up to a certain point by the aircraft manufacturer providing basic technical data. Nevertheless remains a lot of work to do adding up to several man-weeks. Additionally it is mandatory that at least one CAMO+ employee completes an Aircraft Familiarization Course. That’s why Roman Aerne, the Head of our CAMO+, headed to Stans in September to attend the respective training at the Pilatus factory.

Having successfully completed the days of ground school he is now PC-24 familiarized and we can proudly call ourselves one of the, if not the first Swiss CAMO+ with PC-24 approval.

Thus Premium Jet’s CAMO+ is currently authorized for the following aircraft types:

  1. Pilatus PC-24

  2. Bombardier Challenger 300 / 604

  3. Bombardier Global XRS

  4. Gulfstream G5/550

  5. Falcon 2000

To run a CAMO+ one not only needs the technical approvals as required by the relevant Civial Aviation Authority but also a thorough understanding of tasks structuring. Did you know that aircraft have multiple and non-coordinated checking requirements? Checks can be required depending on number of flight hours, number of cycles or based on a certain calendar date. In a CAMO+ working in the best interest of the aircraft owner, utmost attention is given to schedule any maintenance work in a way that minimizes ground time. A far reaching planning horizon and a deep knowledge of aircraft operation are a must to achieve this goal. Last but not least it’s the CAMO+ experts that review the (sometimes breathtakingly high) invoices for maintenance and make sure that the positions listed therein are correct and justified.

Premium Jet would be pleased and honored to become the CAMO+ partner of choice for you and your aircraft.

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