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Premium Jet AG – Certified Quality

In 2009, when we founded Premium Jet, we also defined a company mission statement. Among other things, we wrote down in it that we strive for long-term, reliable and sustainable high quality and safety. But how do we ensure this and what does it mean for our customers?

. 1. Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA)

Federal Office of Civil Aviation logo

. 2. ARGUS Platinum Rating

ARGUS Platinum Rating logo

. 3. United Nations

United Nations logo

. 4. BACA

BACA logo

. 5. Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA)

Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft logo

. While the other Seals of Quality are not measurable – the SAFA Rating is. We are very proud that our rating in the last 12 months has been almost 50% better than the average of all Swiss operators and even over 60% better than the European average. This shows us that we are on the right track with our efforts and that the mission statement defined in 2009 is not just «marketing talk».

When do you convince yourself about our lived quality?

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