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Premium Jet – from Switzerland to the World

Premium Jet AG was founded in Switzerland more than 12 years ago and we still are rooted and at home there in 2022.

As a company active in aviation, however, it was already clear from the beginning that the business activities of Premium Jet would take place worldwide. Not only because our jets will travel all over the planet, but also because our customers have an international orientation and want their jets registered in the country of their choice.

Therefore, Premium Jet took care of the necessary certificates …

First, we obtained an Aircraft Operator Certificate (“AOC”) in Switzerland, which enabled Premium Jet to operate Swiss-registered aircraft in commercial use.

The operation of aircraft used solely privately, i.e. without renting to third parties, was somewhat easier. Due to the worldwide standardization of the rules, it was possible to operate such planes from Switzerland, even if they were not registered in Switzerland, but in another country.

These rules have remained in place to this day, and over the years Premium Jet has operated privately certified aircraft registered in Switzerland, Austria, the Isle of Man, San Marino, the Cayman Islands and Bermuda – and still operates many of them! Premium Jet, together with our customers, is looking forward to expanding this list to include more countries …

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With the founding of Premium Jet GmbH in Austria and the imminent receipt of the Austrian AOC, Premium Jet will now be able to offer commercial operation of aircraft not registered in Switzerland for the first time from the 2nd quarter of 2022 and thus be able to serve the European market in this segment as well.

An extension of our offering that will bring many advantages to our customers …

Do not hesitate to contact Premium Jet when it comes to questions of management and operation of private aircraft – no matter how they are operated and where they are registered and based.


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