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Premium Jet has landed in Vienna!

The work around the receipt of our Austrian Air Operator Certificate (AOC) is in its final phase. The manuals are written and audited – now the last little bits and pieces have to be finished, after that nothing will be standing in the way of getting the AOC. More information will follow shortly …

Just in time for this long-awaited “Day X”, our Austrian colleagues from Premium Jet GmbH were able to move into their new offices on the 9th floor of Office Park 1 at Vienna Airport.

9th floor of Office Park 1

The modern office complex with its imposing facade of glass and steel is just a few minutes’ walk from Vienna International Airport and only 15 minutes by train from Vienna city center. It offers Premium Jet GmbH not only an excellent infrastructure, but also sufficient space for the company’s development, establishment and growth.

Do not hesitate to visit us for a coffee in Vienna – and for an equally hearty “Servus” as you are already used to from the “Grüezi” of Premium Jet AG in Zurich …


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