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Premium Jet is looking forward to the Pilatus PC-24

At Premium Jet we are excited to announce that as of September we will be welcoming a new addition to the fleet and that is none other than the PC-24.

It is with much anticipation that we look forward to offer the PC-24 for charter flights.

The Pilatus PC-24 is Pilatus’s latest aircraft and marks a dramatic entrance of the Swiss manufacturer into the light jet market. Offering unique utility and flexibility, the PC-24 does not compromise comfort and class in order to achieve this.

Pilatus’s former experience in designing versatile and military trainer aircraft is evident in the spirit of the new PC-24 – With nearly 80 years of aviation engineering expertise under the belt, the aircraft is truly a symbol for Swiss perfection down to the last screw and bolt.

Unprecedented Versatility, Stellar Performance Similar to the legendary Swiss army knife, the PC-24 is an indispensable tool for a variety of missions due to its distinct characteristics.  Ranging from Medevac for the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, to charter operations, or transporting freight, the PC-24 is a workhorse across many fields.

The aircraft is outfitted with a vast cargo door and spacious baggage compartment holding up to 2.5 m³/90 ft³. To further set itself apart from its competition, the luggage compartment is easily accessible in flight from the cabin allowing you to access all your necessities even when airborne.

Specially designed wings and slow approach speed allow operations of the PC-24 into airports with shorter and even unpaved runways. The rugged trailing link gear design on the PC-24 follows that of the PC-12. Trailing link gear also provides a smoother landing experience – leaving you wondering whether or not you have already touched down.

Traveling in Crystal Class

In the super light jet segment of the market the PC-24 draws no compromises when it comes to travelling in style.  The PC-24’s elegant cabin comfortably accommodates up to 8 passengers and the range covers distances of up to 3’700 km, allowing trips such as Moscow – Valencia or London – Tenerife.

Able to climb to its ceiling of 45’000 ft (FL450) in less than half an hour, the PC-24 is able to avoid adverse weather systems.

The cabin space aboard the PC-24 steals the spotlight with nearly double the cabin volume of some of its competitors.

Finally, the engines on the PC-24 have the option of running in Quiet Power Mode on the ground eliminating the need for an APU and providing ground power independent from an external source.

It is the unmatched flexibility that the PC-24 offers which makes it a ‘Super Versatile Jet’. Those travelling aboard the aircraft can find themselves enjoying the spacious cabin, thoughtful Swiss design, and impressive short field performance. It is the synergy between these features that set the PC-24 apart from its competition.

With the PC-24 we aim to create a long-lasting impression and an unforgettable flight experience. When travelling with the youngest aircraft in our fleet we hope to bestow the same level of excitement in you as we have about the PC-24. It will be our pleasure to welcome you aboard the PC-24 in the near future and share with you the many benefits and versatility that the Super Versatile Jet has to offer.

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