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Premium Jet Owner Portal

The interactive Premium Jet Owner Portal, which provides all information at your fingertips, is another milestone on our road to complete openness and transparency.

The portal, powered by Portside, enables easy exchange of operational and financial information with owners and other stakeholders.

  1. Real-time flight data

  2. Detailed expense and revenue information

  3. Financial and operational reporting

  4. Metrics & Stats

  5. and much more

Premium Jet Owner Portal

We put knowledge in your hands – you can easily drill down into the data and gain insight into your aircraft’s operation.


You want to go one step further and have a third party review the aircraft operation costs?

MySky offers an analysis tool that is – based on their own AI (Artificial Intelligence) – able to analyze large parts of the variable costs of a business jet operation.

Most likely not every operator welcomes the application of such a transparent solution. For us, however, it sounds as exciting as it probably does for you, and therefore this solution is also available at Premium Jet. If you wish, we will be very happy to set up the MySky access for you (for a small monthly provider fee).


Would you like to know more? Send us an E-mail, call +41 44 307 50 80 or contact us via WhatsApp +41 76 601 25 01.


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