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Premium Jet – we know our customers

It’s Premium Jet’s claim to be big enough to deliver outstanding services and quality for its customers but at the same time still being small enough to know them personally.

You might think that this is a claim used by many. Well, let us show you – looking at it from two different angles – that “knowing our customer” for us is not just Marketing Blah Blah:

  1. As a passenger aboard a Premium Jet aircraft we strive to take care of you exactly as wished for: You don’t like seafood or eat vegetarian? Your favorite White is the Chablis Grand Cru Les Blanchots? Simply mention such preferences to us once – and thereafter all this goes without saying. You like to sleep and require the cabin to be pre-heated to 24°C before your night flight? The Financial Times for you and the newest episodes of “SpongeBob” for the kids? No problem. There are numerous other examples we could list here – in essence the result remains the same: A wish that once has been communicated to us will be remembered whenever we’ll welcome you aboard again. And if one day the children will be too old for “SpongeBob“ (or any of your other preferences changes) we will of course immediately adjust our service to your new wishes.

  2. As an aircraft owner of a business jet operated by Premium Jet your contact person will always be one of the company owners. «From owner to owner»; to you this means that all your questions, input and requirements will be discussed directly between you and a decision maker. In doing so not only are we developing a trustful relationship but also ensuring that your needs are getting the highest attention without delay. And that’s exactly the way it should be.

We know our customers … as you can see this is at the core of the Premium Jet corporate philosophy. Just like «Premium» which to us is an attitude, not only a word in the company’s name.

Words are patient so we invite you to put us to the test and find out for yourself. We look forward to serving you.


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