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Private Jets: Bombardier Challenger 604

Do you want to charter a private jet that offers the highest level of comfort and luxury and at the same time is a role model amongst business aircraft? All of this applies to the Bombardier Challenger 604.

The history of the Bombardier Challenger 604

All models of the successful “Bombardier Challenger 600” series were originally designed under the name “LearStar 600” by the American aircraft manufacturer Bill Lear. This concept for private aircraft in the short and medium range was finally implemented by the Canadian company Canadair, which took over the design and exclusive rights for the production, development and marketing of the LearStar 600 in 1976. The first model of the Challenger family was called “CL-600 Challenger”.

The biggest change from the original Lear design was the significantly broader and more comfortable cabin, which is the standard for all modern business jets since then. In 1986, Bombardier Aerospace took over Canadair and continued the “Challenger” project with the CL600 and CL601. The Bombardier Challenger 604 series was launched in 1993.

Characteristics of the Challenger 604

Characteristic of the Bombardier Challenger 604’s are, among other things, the additional tank capacity compared to its predecessors, more powerful turbines (GE CF34-3B), its versatility and the modernized glass cockpit of Rockwell Collins. The range of the “604” was increased by 820 km compared to the CL601 and by 2,270 km compared to the CL600, and thus it climbed into the league of long range jets.

Although the large cabin would offer a maximum of 19 passengers (in economy seating), in the VIP version the optimum is 8-9 passengers, because this allows the seats to be converted into four beds, making long range flights a relaxed experience.

Technical data for the Bombardier Challenger 604Year of Construction2006Length20.,85 mWingspan19.61 mHeight6.3 mWing Area45.71 m²Cabin Length8.66 mCabin Width2.49 mCabin Height1.85 mCabin Volume32.56 m³Maximum Take-Off Weight21,863 kgEnginesGeneral Electric CF34-3BMaximum SpeedMach 0,82 resp. 1,004 km/hOptimum SpeedMach 0,74 resp. 906 km/hRange7,400 kmCrew2 pilots, 1 flight attendantPassengers9


With the Bombardier Challenger 604 you obtain an all-purpose private jet – universally suitable for business trips within Europe; Middle Eat and Northern Africa as well as for holiday destinations far away. Worth mentioning: Our “604” is allowed to land in the middle of the financial capital of Europe, namely London City Airport!

The aircraft combines reliability, range and impressive speed with a comfortable cabin that accommodates 8-9 passengers in the VIP version.

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