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Review about the 7 most important business jet manufacturer – Part 2

In the first part of the series we introduced you already to the business jet manufacturer Cessna, Bombardier, Gulfstream and Learjet. In the second part of the series you will learn more about Embraer, Beechcraft and Dassault.


Only 2002 the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer entered the production of business and private jets. The company itself was founded in 1969 already, then government led, with the focus on the construction of military and commercial planes. After the privatization 14 years ago, Embraer brought the Legacy 600 (built on the basis of the airliner ERJ 135) to the markets, thereby leaving one’s mark in the field of long range private jets.

The Legacy 600 offers space for 13 passengers and has a maximum range of 3’250 nautical miles (about 6’000 km). The Legacy 450 (space for 7 passengers) belongs to the midsize jets and with a range of 3’000 nautical miles (5’500km), it belongs to the more known.

After the “airline” models were amended with the Phenom-Series one finds from very light jets (Phenom 100) up to long range jets (Lineage 1000) aircraft of almost every size and range order.


Beechcraft (earlier Hawker Beechcraft) was established in 1932 and belongs nowadays to Textron, which had taken over Cessna even earlier. The company leads both brands under the name Textron Aviation.

Beechcraft is specifically known for the turboprop-aircraft King Air and celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2014. Especially in the U.S., the King Air models are among the most popular business planes.

Besides the King Airs, Beechcraft also built midsize jets (former Raytheon) – as for example the Hawker 900/900XP with 9 seats and a range of 2’500 nautical miles (4’600), as well as the Hawker 800/800XP and the Hawker 700XP, which are not manufactured since 2013 anymore, but are still being supported.


The French Marcel Dassault founded the company in 1929 manufacturing military planes at first. In the beginning of the 60ies he entered with the construction of the Mystère 20 the private jet market. Later on, the jet was renamed Falcon 20 to generate international success, especially in the U.S.

Currently Dassault is the global leader with a share of 40% of high end business planes.

Furthermore, the Falcon 7X belongs with 13 seats and a range of 5’950 nautical miles (11’000 km) to the ultra-long range jets. At the moment the Falcon 5X exhibits with about 700 nautical miles less range, as well as the performance and stronger long range 8X (maximum range 6’450 nautical miles or 11’900 km) in the certification phase

The Falcon-Series distinguishes itself with versatility and the bigger types with 3 engines, which positively impacts their transoceanic usability.

If you are not sure about which manufacturer and which model suits you the best we gladly will assist you.

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