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Roman Aerne and the Aviation Friday

Who doesn’t know it: The Aviation Friday …


I just called my wife to inform her that I will be home on time to have dinner with the kids.


As the Aviation Friday has it, right after the call with my wife I get another call from a pilot informing me that his aircraft has just gone AOG after landing (AOG = “Aircraft on ground” i.e. the aircraft is not ready to fly for technical reasons) and that the next departure tomorrow morning is in danger.

Now it is a matter of organising an engineer as quickly as possible to fly to the aircraft and repair it. Phone calls go back and forth. Pilot, engineer, maintenance facility, aircraft owner and many other people involved …


The engineer is on his way to the aircraft, carrying the required spare parts and his tool kit.

With that organized, I am finally able to go home to wife and kids and have the leftovers they did not eat, but will certainly have a few more calls until the engineer has repaired the aircraft and is on his way back home too.

About me

Born and raised in the Valley Toggenburg, I decided to do an apprenticeship as a motorbike mechanic at a small three-man bike shop.

As with many Swiss men, after the apprenticeship, I had to join the Swiss Military Forces in which I served up to the grade of Corporal. After having had enough of the ‘Green Life’, a friend of a friend spoke to a friend who mentioned to me that Jet Aviation is looking for mechanics. Thus, I was given the opportunity to change the field and became an aircraft mechanic.

After years of taking aeroplanes apart to the bare metal and putting it all back together I decided to put the grease gun and spanners in the corner and become a pen-pusher (as we used to call them).

I organised aircraft maintenance and completions for a few years and was then given the opportunity to manage a maintenance repair organization in Perth. Hence, I moved my family to the other side of the world where we enjoyed the Australian lifestyle. Nevertheless, having spent four years Down Under we got the itch of coming back to Switzerland.

Premium Jet had been looking for a Director Maintenance which I applied for and have now been working with for just over a year. It’s been great to join the team and work with Premium Jet for this last year and I am looking forward to many more years to come!


I’m getting the all-clear from the engineer. He was able to solve the problem and released the aircraft. Nothing stands in the way of tomorrow’s flight.

Mission completed – everyone’s happy and I am now finally addressing myself to my usual Friday evening activities …

Roman Aerne

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