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Saving time by traveling with a charter flight: the reality check

Charter flights save a lot of time, which is a fact. Especially when several meetings in different cities are planned it is difficult and almost impossible to conduct those with scheduled flights. The far more flexible charter flights allow you to fly to several destinations in the run of a day.

But even if you fly only to one destination and back you already save a few hours of your precious time.

Save time during booking

If a flight is booked for the first time, there are hardly any time differences between the booking of a scheduled flight and a charter flight. The higher comfort you find of course by booking a charter flight. You only have to provide all the data via telephone and the charter provider takes care of the selection of the jet and the organization of the flight.

The annoying search for the right airline, the perfect flight route and suiting departure and arrival times are completely omitted.

If the same flight is booked more than once the booking time dramatically decreases. All the data related to the destination airport, catering wishes and data of the passengers are already saved and don’t have to be transmitted again.

Save time at check-in

The biggest time saving you get at the check-ins. Unlike with scheduled flights you have to be at the airport with a charter flight only around 15 minutes prior to departure, usually even less. No queues at check-in, no waiting time in terminals.

Assuming that you have to be at the airport 1 hour before departure (with international flights 2 hours) you save 2 to 4 hours each time you fly.

Save time with transportation

Scheduled aircrafts can only fly to larger airports with sufficient runway lengths.

Charter flights with smaller, more maneuverable and flexible aircraft, can use shorter runways at smaller airports closer to where you actually need to go to. This saves you time on your transportation from the airport to your final destination.

Indirect time saving due to higher productivity

It is difficult to prepare meetings and to work on confidential documents in a scheduled airliner. Even in First Class, there is not enough privacy to ensure your privacy. In a charter flight it’s your own decision who is accompanying you and thus the privacy to handle sensitive documents.

Alternatively use the time in the private jet to relax and to calm down. On a scheduled airliner this is only possible to a very limited extent.

An example

Imagine the following situation: A businessman regularly travels from Zurich to Denmark to his branch in Borup (about 60 kilometers to the west of Copenhagen).

With each booking his assistant saves around 30 minutes during the flight booking.

On the day of the flight he has to be at the airport just 15 minutes before departure i.s.o. of 1-2 hours on a scheduled flight). The flight takes almost 2 hours – time, which he uses to prepare for the upcoming meetings and on the return flight to go again through the meetings or he takes the time to rest and relax.

Because he uses a smaller plane he does not have to fly to Copenhagen, but instead directly to the smaller airport Roskilde. From there by car to the actual destination Borup he saves another hour.

All in all, the time savings for the flight are 6-6.5 hours:

  1. 30 minutes at booking

  2. 2-3 hours of waiting time at check-in

  3. 5 hours traveling from Copenhagen to Borup

  4. 2 hours used to work on the flight to Denmark

When looking at the time saved it becomes obvious that charter flights are financially worthwhile  – even when they are more expensive than scheduled flights.

If you have never used charter flights for your company download and read our e-book. For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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