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Several meetings in one day? No problem with a charter jet

Corporations with several branches are often faced with the challenge of meetings being supposed to take place at different locations within a short period of time. Scheduled flights seldom offer optimal solutions in such cases. To increase efficiency and to turn travel time into productive work time, charter flights are the better choice.The example of one of our clients who had meetings in Gdansk (Poland) and Bremen on the same day and wanted to be back in Zurich in the evening shows how efficiently a business trip with a charter flight is organized.

Comparison with an airliner

If the businessman would choose to travel with airliners today, his travel plan would look as follows:

Day 1

As Gdansk cannot be reached with an early-morning flight and the entrepreneur wants to be on time at the 9 o’clock meeting, he has to travel there on the previous day.

Therefore, after a busy day of work, he leaves Zurich at 8:30 p.m. and heads to Copenhagen for changing aircraft before flying to Gdansk, where the plane lands at 11:50 p.m.

Duration of travel: 3h 20min (plus 2 hours for check-in and check-out, waiting for luggage etc.)

Day 2

Today, the entrepreneur participates in the meeting in Gdansk. Afterwards, he travels to Bremen in the afternoon. As there is no direct connection, he again has to change flights in Frankfurt. At around 7 p.m. he is able to attend the meeting in Bremen.

Duration of travel: 3h 35min (plus 2 hours for check-in and check-out, waiting for luggage etc.)

Day 3

On the last day of his business trip, he travels back to Zurich. Again, there is no direct flight, so the businessman has to stop over in Munich.

Duration of travel: 3h 5min (plus 2 hours for check-in and check-out, waiting for luggage etc.)

All in all, the entrepreneur invests 2.5 days of work and has to stay on planes or waits at terminals for his connecting flights for 10 hours. Including time for check-in and check-out, waiting for luggage etc. it takes him even 16 hours. Additionally, he cannot work during this time, because he lacks the necessary quiet surroundings and the private atmosphere that is important for sensitive business information.

The solution: a charter jet

Because the businessman decided to charter a jet, the business trip was way more efficient:

Day 1

In the morning, he flies from Zurich to Gdansk, where he is on time for the meeting at 9 a.m. After the meeting, he flies to Bremen at around 1 p.m. Well-rested, he also attends the meeting there and afterwards travels back to Zurich at around 7 p.m.

All in all, the entrepreneur is on the plane for only 4 hours – and manages to attend all meetings in one day.

He is able to use the time on the plane for the post-processing of the last meeting or for the preparation of the next. This way, he can attend all his meetings well-rested and well-prepared.

Special features of charter jets

The example shows that business trips with chartered flights are clearly more efficient. Thus, travel time turns into productive time: thanks to the privacy of a chartered jet, meetings can be post-processed and prepared. Additionally, time that would have been spent for interchanges, waiting at terminals or at hotels is now effectively used to work for the company.

Besides the advantages in terms of time, charter jets offer yet another huge advantage: flexibility.

In day-to-day business not everything can be planned. Especially during important times for the company, meetings may last longer than originally planned. If this happens, the entrepreneur has to decide whether he misses his flight or ends the meeting prematurely – both cases are far from ideal and thus inefficient.

However, with a charter jet, this would not be a problem at all, as the jet waits for the businessman until he is ready for takeoff. He even can postpone the next meeting for a few hours or to the next day if necessary..

A missed flight on the other hand would mean that the second meeting would have to be postponed for at least one day. And the consequence of prematurely ending the first meeting would be that it would have to be continued in the near future.

With a charter jet, business trips thus cannot only be planned more efficiently, but also more flexibly.

In case a company has clients or branches in more rural areas where there is no suitable  airport for airliners, charter flights offer another huge advantage: Charter jets are normally  smaller than airliners and need far less runway to take off or land. Thus, they can fly into smaller airports closer to your actual destination. Consequently, the arduous transport from the next larger airport to the company’s branch does not exist anymore.

During the flight you can eat and drink exactly what you want, and not what the airline offers you – if it even offers anything at all!

Charter flights: time saving and flexible

As the aforementioned example shows, you actually save a lot of time with a charter flight. Especially when you have to get to different locations within one day – scheduled flights are no reasonable alternative to charter flights in those cases.

Don’t forget the aspect of more flexibility. Charter flights are subordinate to the travel plans of the entrepreneur – even if those change at short notice.

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