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Taking Premium Jet to the World Economic Forum WEF in Davos

Every year, the world’s major players descend on a small village of just 11,000 people to discuss pressing issues of global importance. This year is no exception, with the 47th World Economic Forum (WEF) being held in Davos from 1/17 to 1/20/2017. Some 2,500 participants from the fields of business, politics, research and culture are expected, and that’s not including their entourages! On top of this, there will be approximately an additional 500 journalists reporting on the WEF for Swiss and foreign media, and all the security staff. It is well possible the locals may end up in the minority!

The challenge for Zurich airport

Zurich airport is currently bursting at the seams, barely able to handle the sheer volume of additional aircraft, and definitely unable to house them. Fortunately, the Dübendorf airfield is located just nearby, i.e. less than 7 kilometers away as the crow flies. While it usually remains in something of a slumber, it comes fully to life during the WEF.

The major advantage of Dübendorf airfield is the way it enables passengers to land, take off or continue flying/travelling very discreetly, without being spotted by too many curious eyes.

The fact that Zurich airport affords less discretion, and already exceeds its capacity limits for slots, parking and handling at certain times of the year, are two of the main reasons why the Swiss Federal Council intends to convert “Dübi” into a Business Aviation Airport.

“Dübi” is the perfect alternative to Zurich

Dübendorf airfield has excellent access to transport: On the one hand it is very well connected to Zurich, and on the other it allows passengers to step straight from their business jet into a helicopter or limousine to take them to Davos. The jet remains parked at the airfield for the duration of the WEF. The current record for the number of jets to be stationed at “Dübi” at the same time during the WEF is 35, but this is expected to be broken.

Whether you want to head to Davos by limousine or helicopter, Premium Jet will ensure your commute between Davos and “Dübi”/Zurich is safe and reliable.

The big WEF at a small ski resort

The small ski resort of Davos becomes a fortress for a few days. From 1/16 to 1/21, the air space is closed to civil aviation, model planes, drones and paragliders, and is protected by military aircraft. Railways and all road traffic are also strictly controlled in order to prevent any unwanted surprises, such as demonstrations or even attacks.

During this time, visitors can tell the weather from the mode of transport chosen. On clear days, the air is “stacked” with helicopters, while in bad weather it’s a gridlock of limousines.

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