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The Accountable Manager in Aviation

When I started working for Premium Jet 3 years ago, I was asked to take on the role of Accountable Manager in addition to my actual job (buying and selling of business jets). I accepted, but only realized over time what this function actually means. Would you have known it? With pleasure I shed some light on the issue …

What is the Accountable Manager doing?

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) defines the role of the Accountable Manager as follows: “The operator shall appoint an accountable manager, who has the authority for ensuring that all activities can be financed and carried out in accordance with the applicable requirements.”

The Premium Jet Operations Manual lists in more detail the responsibilities and complementary tasks of the Accountable Manager. Let’s just mention the first bullet point of this list: “Has the overall responsibility for managing the company”.

Both definitions once have been summarized by a friendly employee under the label “It’s always his fault”. While such a statement is slightly exaggerated there’s a true core to it. To support him, the Accountable Manager has a team of specialists that he works with and on the expertise of which he can rely on. These are the so-called Nominated Persons being responsible for Flight Operations, Crew Training, Ground Operations, Continuing Airworthiness and Compliance.

What does it need to become Accountable Manager?

There is no single clear career path that makes somebody end up in the Accountable Manager position. Also, there is no defined list of skills, training or education that one must have successfully completed. Based on his tasks and responsibilities it is evident that the Accountable Manager should bring with him a broad experience, ideally in more than one field of Aviation, as well as managerial skills, a sound knowledge of the applicable rules and regulations and – last but not least – the capability to keep the overview over all aspects of the company even in turbulent times. To underline the importance of the Accountable Manager’s role in running a safe and compliant operation, most National Aviation Authorities want to either approve the selected persons or at least have a personal conversation to make sure that the candidate fully understands his duties and responsibilities.


As you can see, although – or rather because – he is finally responsible, the Accountable Manager needs a team of specialists and experts to count on. I am pleased and proud to say that such a team works at Premium Jet AG and is at your service. Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss how we can best assist you. You can reach me by phone at +41 44 307 50 65 or by e-mail


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