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The cabin crew in a private jet – this is what you can expect

Flight attendants take care of the passengers’ welfare in scheduled airline flights as well as on private jet flights. However, there are some things distinguishing the perfect flight attendant for business and personal travel in your own aircraft or charter jet.

A professional and at the same time kind and courteous cabin crew directly influences the atmosphere on board. Therefore they are carefully selected and then regularly trained with regards to service and security.

Discretion at first priority

Flight attendants in a private jet know how important discretion is. This means that the cabin crew acts normally in the background and appears only when the situation demands it.

Among the characteristics of good flight attendants is the ability to correctly assess situations and to know exactly when active presence is required – and when not.

If, for example you want to hold a meeting with your colleagues and business partners, or just want to retreat and rest on a longer flight, the flight attendant will take care of your privacy to the maximum extent possible.

In addition, of course, all the information that is exchanged during the preparation of or on the flight is never going to be revealed. Secrecy is not only one of the virtues of good flight attendant but is also well covered by contracts, so you are assured that nothing will be leaked.

Best service

To make your flight as pleasant as possible the cabin crew will do its best to fulfill all of your wishes. They are trained in professionally preparing and serving gourmet catering as well as selecting the matching wines or other beverages.

They want you to feel at ease and therefore ensure that you get everything you need (within the possibilities on board of a private jet).

Good accessibility

In order to book a charter flight or to depart with your own jet at short notice, it is common that the flight attendants live quite close to the airport. The maximum distance of one hour ensures the cabin crew quickly is ”ready to go” even for spontaneous flights.

Experience pays off

Faced with the choice where to book your next charter flight or whom to choose as an operator you should definitely take a look at the cabin crew. Especially on longer flights the crew on board of the aircraft makes a small but significant difference between a good and a perfect flight.

Talk to the operators of your choice and ask directly how the flight attendants are trained, which safety training they receive and what makes them particularly suitable. This way you get a good impression of the team enabling you to make a sound decision.

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