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The easy way to charter private jets instantly

Sometimes you need things quick: A business deal or urgent meeting can’t always be planned in advance. If your meeting happens to be held in another city or country, you need a fast, simple way to travel. And if your business partner cancels the last meeting of the day at short notice and your family is waiting at home, you’ll no doubt be happy to take the speediest route back.

A scheduled flight is out of the question in times like this. It’s inflexible, can rarely be booked at the last minute, and takes extra time due to tedious check-in processes and security checks. It also lacks the comfort and privacy needed to make the most of the traveling time.

It’s a completely different story when you charter a private jet: No more long waiting times. Once at the airport, you can get going without all the extra hassles. If your meeting lasts longer, the pilot will wait for you. If it’s over sooner than expected, you can leave earlier. Onboard, you have enough privacy for discreet meetings, enough peace and quiet to concentrate on work, and enough comfort to just take some time out.

Booking is easy

Your charter flight can of course also be booked instantly and easily as follows:

  1. You inform the provider

You contact your charter provider, e.g. Premium Jet, by telephone or email and advise them the most important information:

What is the point of departure and destination, or are there multiple destinations? Are you traveling alone or with how many other passengers? What is the travel date (approximately)? Is it okay to have stopovers? These enable cheaper flights using aircraft with smaller operating ranges. Do you have any special requests, e.g. regarding ground handling, service or catering?

  1. The provider informs you

Have the charter provider recommend you an aircraft type and inform you of the desired airports and any potential restrictions, e.g. in bad weather. In the case of last-minute flights, information about empty leg flights is also useful. These may be available with very attractive conditions on one-way routes.

  1. You choose

The charter provider presents several options to you, and you choose one. If it’s your first time booking with this provider, send them your details.

  1. You enjoy your trip

Still got questions? The experts at Premium Jet are available to assist around the clock. We look forward to hearing from you.

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